11/24/2017 - Daily Check-In

Good morning and welcome to today's coverage here at JetsFix.com.

It's Draft Week here on JetsFix! We'll have more analysis and discussion about this week's college football action and the upcoming 2018 draft today. Here's yesterday's analysis:

DraftFix: Prospects on show at the Egg Bowl

Let's kick off today with some more college football links:

ESPN: Prospects to watch in rivalry weekend

NFL.com: Who do NFL execs think the top WR in the draft will be?

Niner Nation: Mike Mayock says Saquon Barkley has greater upside than Ezekiel Elliott

Scout.com: Louisville QB Lamar Jackson's stock is rising as he becomes more of a complete prospect

USA Today: Is Wyoming QB Josh Allen still a top 10 prospect?

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