2017 NFL Draft Picks Contest

The time has arrived for us to show how little we know despite how much time we've dedicated to overthinking this draft business.

Welcome to the first annual JetsFix.com draft picks projection contest!

Make your entries below in the comments section, enter them into our live chat (password: jackattack) or send them on twitter to @JetsFix.

You are required to select 10 players and will score one point for each player selected. It's up to you whether you try and nail every pick or go top-heavy to try and guess some of the big names at the top end.

It's irrelevant where the player is selected, but if they are signed as an undrafted free agent, that doesn't count.

One entry per person please and, where possible, be specific with common names such as Williams or Jones.

There is no prize, other than your rightful place in history.

In the event of a tie, the result will be decided by the following tie-breaker, so don't forget to include the answer with your entries.

Tie-breaker: Which number pick in the draft do you expect Michigan LB/S Jabrill Peppers to be selected with?

Good luck, everyone!