2021 JetsFix Official NFL Draft Thread - Day One

Here's your official thread for tonight's draft. Discuss the build-up to the Jets' first pick with your fellow JetsFix readers here. (Note: Please do not "spoil" picks).

The Jets currently hold the following picks:

Round 1: Picks 2 and 23
Round 2: Pick 34
Round 3: Picks 66 and 86
Round 4: Pick 107
Round 5: Picks 146 and 154
Round 6: Pick 186 and 226
Round 7: None

There are live twitter feeds here for Jets Beat Writers and Draft Twitter.

If you haven't made your picks yet in our picks contest you have until the Jaguars make the first pick at just after 8pm ET.

Once the Jets make a pick (or a trade) we'll create a separate post where you can discuss that move.

If you'd prefer to chat live and (essentially) uncensored, go here. The password is jackattack.