2023 JetsFix Draft Picks Contest: Here is your winner...

Of course, it was the NFL draft this weekend. However, more importantly, it was the JetFix.com seventh annual draft picks contest.

Thanks to all those who entered. In this year's contest, most of you failed to score and the seven of you that did all only had one point each. So, it came down to the tie-breaker and this year's winner was impressively within two with his prediction of where Henry To'o To'o would be drafted. Your new champion is Smoo!

After being the only person to fail to score any points last year, BDarc impressively failed to score any points for a second consecutive season.

For the record, four of you correctly predicted the Joe Tippmann pick (although only one of you spelled it correctly). Two (Smoo and billtoback) called the JBC pick and Bytor was the only one to pick Kuntz. Nobody predicted the Will McDonald, Carter Warren, Israel Abanikanda or Zaire Barnes picks.

Congratulate our winner in the comments section below.