After Further Review: Jets-Browns

By popular demand, we're again going to have a post after each game that breaks down some of the controversial decisions from the officiating crew in the game.

Penalty Count

Browns 4-26 (leading to one Jets first down)
Jets 12-74 (leading to two Browns first downs)

Note: This does not include penalties that are declined or off-set.

Plays where the call was obvious, uncontroversial or not visible on broadcast footage

Jets Penalties

  • Illegal formation to negate an Xavier Gipson catch. This one was obvious in real time. Kenny Yeboah was already not on the line and then Jason Brownlee had time to ensure that he was, but lined up level with him.
  • 12 men in the huddle. Sometimes, it's clear who was at fault when this happens. Breece Hall was the last guy into the huddle, but someone else should have run off.
  • Solomon Thomas jumped offside. Clear early jump with Thomas obviously frustrated about a missed tackle on the previous play.
  • Quinnen Williams personal foul for grabbing the face mask. Clear and obvious call.
  • Delay of game before field goal attempt. While this likely didn't make a difference because a 31-yard kick from the hashmark is arguably even easier than a 26-yarder due to the angle, the kick was blocked.
  • Irvin Charles false start. Flinched right before the snap.
  • Delay of game on 4th-and-6. The Jets had to punt and it did look like they were genuinely going for this, not just looking to draw the defense offside, but simply didn't get the play in before they ran out of time.
  • Mekhi Becton false start. Becton's third penalty. In this case, he got the snap count wrong and jumped before everyone else.

Browns Penalties

  • Elijah Moore offensive pass interference. Clearly pushed off on DJ Reed at the top of his route stem.
  • Myles Garrett neutral zone infraction. Was lined up with his hands at least half a yard into the neutral zone. There were other plays where he arguably also called have been called for this but those were just by a matter of a few inches.
  • Dalvin Tomlinson encroachment. Clearly jumped early, as did the other defensive tackle, Shelby Harris.
  • Garrett offside. Jumped really early and the play was blown dead as he was unabated to the quarterback.

Penalties warranting further discussion or explanation

Jets Penalties

  • Becton offensive holding against Garrett. This was one of the plays where Garrett might have been flagged for lining up with his hand in the neutral zone but he got away with it and Becton did clearly reach across as he pulled him down from behind.
  • Defensive holding on Reed on 3rd-and-10. A shockingly bad call. There was no hold and the offensive player pushed off.
  • Becton false start. Literally out of his stance a hair early. There were plays where the Browns got away with much more egregious examples of doing the same thing (including James Hudson on the 4th-and-goal play in the red zone after Izzy Abanikanda's fumble) and there was no call and some weeks the Jets have faced guys who do this on every snap. You have to feel some sympathy for Becton who was under pressure to get into his stance against an all-pro in Garrett who was already cheating the system in his get-off. And, of course, if Becton did jump back and over-set, Garrett could jab step to the inside and Becton would not be able to recover, as he did on the sack.
  • Joe Tippmann false start. It looked like this might be on Becton too, as he was the quickest into his stance, albeit timed what looked to be perfectly. In the end, it went on Tippmann, who had looked back towards the quarterback twice before snapping the ball on the second one. He's entitled to do that as long as he doesn't dupe the defense with a sudden move. The penalty was seemingly called because the ball moved a tiny amount before the actual snap but this was so imperceptible it seems unlikely it would be seen most of the time and wasn't an obvious attempt to get anyone to move.

Browns Penalties

  • 12 men on the field on defense. This negated a fourth down stop and came as Zadarius Smith still had just one foot in the field of play as he ran off. Had Smith hustled more, he would have got off the field easily. This would also be offside even if he made a mistake and was actually the 11th man because he ran off on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage. Had he run in a straight line, again he likely would have got off the field.

Notable no-calls etc

Here were some of the other notable missed calls, replay situations and controversial moments:

  • An absolutely blatant hold by Ethan Pocic on Williams was ignored.
  • Harrison Bryant was initially flagged for offensive pass interference on a play that went for an eight-yard gain on what did seem to be a downfield rub route but the flag was picked up with no explanation.
  • The first touchdown should never have counted. David Njoku was blocking before the ball was thrown and while it was in the air to Jerome Ford. He also blocked Sauce Gardner into Tony Adams to free up Ford on a rub route. That's actually okay, but not if you have your hands on the defensive player before the ball is caught.
  • Garrett Wilson's non-catch came as he was flipped upside down and unable to survive the ground, so that was the correct call.
  • Jordan Akins ran into the end zone on a play that wasn't blown dead but Reed had definitely touched him while he was down so they correctly marked it at the 20.
  • Williams got away with a hit to Joe Flacco's head on the play where the Browns scored a touchdown anyway.
  • Tyler Conklin's sideline catch was correctly ruled good. His hand came down inbounds, as did his body as he landed.
  • Jordan Whitehead's strip on Ford was ruled a turnover initially but then overturned by the replay booth. It did seem to start moving as or just before Ford was down so you couldn't necessarily say there was a loss of control yet. However, this was so close it probably should not have been overturned from a fumble on the field.
  • Njoku wanted pass interference on Gardner who came over the top of him to break up a jump ball. This was a good no-call as Gardner is entitled to compete for the ball and didn't seriously impede Njoku in doing so.
  • The Browns' fans wanted a late hit on Jermaine Johnson, Bruce Hector or Jamien Sherwood on the play where Ford fumbled the handoff but this would have been really soft.
  • Greg Newsome got away with a blatant pass interference penalty on Wilson, as he literally took him out by coming off his own man and stepping across his path, nearly leading to an interception. That was a terrible no-call.
  • Johnson could have had another touchdown on the fumble recovery which was blown dead. He did get up with the ball before being touched and ran it into the end zone but the inadvertent whistle meant that despite the clear fumble and recovery, the return did not count. The only thing you could say is that maybe a player who might have been able to tackle Johnson stopped playing because they heard the whistle, but the Jets definitely got screwed yet again there.
  • Finally, Trevor Siemian's fourth down run saw him dive for the marker but the ball was short of the line to gain as his knee hit so that was correctly spotted.

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