Assessing how the roster stands with the draft on the horizon

Last year, due to the pandemic, roster sizes were truncated to 80, but - for now - they remain at the usual 90. That doesn't look like being an issue for voluntary workouts because it sounds like hardly anyone will be showing up for those. Hopefully, the last major wave from this pandemic is behind us, but if it isn't we might see the NFL giving consideration to limiting roster sizes again.

Hopefully, they won't because it will cause a squeeze on spots at the bottom end of team's rosters, which mostly comprise the young players who were already disadvantaged last year by the reduction in offseason activity.

As for where the Jets stand, they currently have 75 players under contract. That's the 13th most in the league with the Giants currently having the most players under contract with 84 (albeit that one is an exempt international player) and the Falcons only having 54.

Of course, the Jets have 10 picks in the upcoming draft and would usually sign somewhere in the region of 10 undrafted free agents, so they'll still probably have to make a handful of cuts before or just after the draft.

They only have 12 offensive linemen, so that's one area you'd expect them to add, as most teams like to enter training camp with at least 15 or 16. On the other hand, they have 13 wide receivers already, so at least a few of those would seem likely casualties once the rookies are on board.

Inside linebacker and quarterback are two other obvious spots that where the overall depth needs to be addressed, even if the Jets pick players early on in the draft at these positions.

During the season, we're hopeful the league will adopt similar rules to last year with the Covid-19 reserve list and unlimited temporary injured reserve during the season having worked so well. Expanded practice squads and lessened restrictions there were good too, as was the gameday activation process.

There's been no announcements on that front yet but we'll keep our ear close to the ground. With it having gone so well last year, it would seem a no-brainer to just extend those temporary measures for at least one more season.

For now, we'll have to wait and see whether the Jets make any roster tweaks between now and next Thursday.