Breaking: Jets re-sign Morris Claiborne

Another hole filled:

The Jets have locked up their two starting cornerback spots nicely with the addition of Trumaine Johnson and now Claiborne. On paper, their overhaul of the secondary since the 2016 season looks very promising indeed.

What's extra-nice about this move is that it means we no longer need to look at Johnson in terms of how much of an upgrade over Claiborne he is. Instead we can focus on how much of an upgrade he is over Buster Skrine.

Of course, Skrine is still on the team, but now can revert into a full-time slot nickel role. It's unknown whether the Jets will pursue a certain LSU defensive back that could provide an upgrade over Skrine, but if they don't then Skrine provides an option to start in the event of an injury, which will always be a concern with Claiborne.