Breaking: Jets to sign CJ Mosley

Good morning everyone. Hey, get a load of this:

This ensures the Jets' defense will have a very different look next year. There have been media reports that the Jets are planning to move on from Darron Lee, but a linebacking corps of 250-pounders in an era when teams are typically reverting to smaller and more agile linebackers seems like an unusual approach. Lee would seem to complement Mosley better than Avery Williamson, so perhaps Williamson will be the one who is shopped.

We'll have to wait and see how this shakes out.

Mosley is, without question, another talented addition to the defense, albeit an expensive one. Like Barr, he's a four-time pro bowler and former top-20 pick who has recorded 100 tackles in four of his five seasons and only missed three games in his career.

The Jets still aren't finished and may look to seal the deal on some offensive moves today.