Breaking: Jets trade for DE Reddick

A big move from the Jets:

Having let Bryce Huff walk rather than pay him $17m per season, it's a bit of a coup to land the proven Reddick from the team who ended up with Huff, although they'll probably have to sign him to a big-money deal. We predicted the Jets would replace Huff with a veteran but perhaps not such a big name.

The trade compensation is lower than expected and surprisingly two years into the future. Philadelphia may be gambling on the Jets being in post-Aaron Rodgers rebuild mode by then, so it's a high third.

Even if Reddick does have double digit sacks, which would make giving up a second round pick easier to swallow, the trade would still be for a third if his playing time is below 67.5% which is more than likely with the way the Jets like to rotate their edges and their depth at the position.

Reddick, who is 29, was a pro bowler in each of the last two seasons and has had at least 11 sacks in each of the past four years.

We'll have more on this move in due course.