Breaking: Jets trade Leonard Williams for two picks

We have a trade...

Williams is still only 25 and was a pro bowler in 2016. He's had a disappointing season and his Jets tenure has to be considered a major disappointment.

The onus will now fall on youngsters Quinnen Williams and Folorunso Fatukasi to pick up the slack, while Nathan Shepherd is due to come off the suspended list this week too.

The Jets add some valuable draft picks, which they desperately need, and save some money but that doesn't change the fact that Williams was expected to be one of their cornerstone figureheads for several years to come and now the team will have to rebuild its core nucleus.

UPDATE: Schefter also tweeted out the following additional details:

The 2021 5th-round pick that the Giants are trading to the Jets for Leonard Williams becomes a 4th-round pick if he signs a contract extension before the start of the league year, per source. Jets are paying $4 million of Williams’ $6 million salary this season.