Buzz: Hackenberg is "going to be a star"

This interesting article from Ben Volin of the Boston Globe contains an interesting nugget towards the end...

"Jets quarterback Christian Hackenberg has been working hard with private quarterback coach Jeff Christensen over the last month-plus, and to be honest, looks pretty darn good in a few videos the coach let me watch. Hackenberg’s motion is quick and compact, and he throws a beautiful ball. Christensen, who helped develop Jimmy Garoppolo and Kirk Cousins, among others, said Hackenberg is going to be a star."

This story would probably be framed a lot differently if delivered through the prism of the Jets beat, who have already reached the point where they've given up hope of Hackenberg contributing and tend to treat him like a punchline, even though he's only 23 and made some progress in camp and preseason last year.

However, Jets fans won't be able to avoid being skeptical about these reports. We've seen the "struggling passer works with quarterback guru" story several times over the past few years and it never seems to translate to any on-field success.

The fact that Christiansen can put together a highlight reel of Hackenberg looking good doesn't really tell us anything about advancements he might have made during the offseasons. After all, you could probably put together some of his best throws from camp last year and this wouldn't come close to representing the inconsistent performances he's been prone to.

Maybe it is too premature to be giving up on Hackenberg and it should be encouraging that he's still making progress. However, this shouldn't affect the Jets' offseason plans.

If Hackenberg happens to demonstrate some starting potential in 2018 after the Jets have already filled that position, they'll have some decisions to make, but for now, it's a case of "we'll believe it when we see it".