Buzz: Jets' 2017 schedule leaked?

We've known who would be on the Jets schedule for some time now, but it looks like we now have the full release. Via the New York Daily News:

Week 1: Sep. 10 at Bills
Week 2: Sept. 17 at Raiders
Week 3: Sept. 24 vs Dolphins
Week 4: Oct. 1 vs Jaguars
Week 5: Oct. 8 at Browns
Week 6: Oct. 15 vs Patriots
Week 7: Oct. 22 at Dolphins
Week 8: Oct. 29 vs. Falcons
Week 9: Nov. 2 vs Bills on Thursday Night Football
Week 10: Nov. 12 at Buccaneers
Week 11: Nov. 19 – Bye Week
Week 12: Nov. 26 vs Panthers
Week 13: Dec. 3 vs Chiefs
Week 14: Dec. 10 at Broncos
Week 15: Dec. 17 at Saints
Week 16: Dec. 24 vs Chargers
Week: 17: Dec. 31 at Patriots

EDIT - This has been confirmed by the Jets official twitter account.


Out of the gate - Another team in flux in the season opener and, dare we say, a winnable game against the Bills? Last time these teams met in the season opener, Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill keyed a 48-28 blow-out win. Yes, that actually happened. It gets a lot tougher the next week with a legit Super Bowl contender in the Raiders, but the next three games against the Dolphins, Jaguars and Browns are also "winnable" on paper. If the Jets head to their home opener at 1-1, it'll be fun to see how long the talk-yourself-into-the-Jets-actually-being-good phase will last.

The run-in - This may end up having more relevance in terms of the Jets' ability to tank for a high pick than an opportunity to remain in contention, but the chance to play spoiler is always fun. Three of four on the road is a bit rough though, although it does mean they have runs of 5-in-7 and 7-in-10 at home in the middle part of the season. If the team is somehow still in contention entering the final week, could they be facing a Patriots team that will be resting starters ahead of the postseason?

Murderer's Row - It's always tough to predict how tough opposing teams will be ahead of the season, but the Panthers/Broncos/Chiefs stretch immediately after the bye week looks like it could be a tough one.

Bye Week - The bye perhaps comes a little late in the season. If the season goes downhill and the team is compelled to hit the reset button, they won't have the luxury of a well-timed bye week to do this because they don't get a week off until a couple of weeks after the trade deadline.

Kick-off times (edited) - According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, 13 of the 16 games kick off at 1pm ET , which has historically been good for the Jets. There are just two 4:05pm ET kick-offs, in week two against the Raiders and late in the season in Denver. That means the Chargers will be facing an effective 10am kick-off in the week 16 game.

National TV - There's just the one national game, at home to the Bills on Thursday Night Football, once again pitting the two teams with incompatible color rush uniforms against one another so that one of them has to wear white.

Outlook - Somehow the ferociousness or otherwise of this slate of games doesn't seem quite so threatening, given that most Jets fans will be expecting them to lose every week regardless of their opponent.

Let's have your game-by-game W/L predictions in the comments section!