Congratulations to our 2019 free agency contest winner

It was down to the wire this year for the winner of our 2019 free agency contest, BDarc23, who correctly identified three of the Jets' signings with his ten guesses.

The Commercial Complainer also scored three points, but BDarc takes home the title on the tie-breaker because two of his three picks were new players rather than re-signed former Jets, while TCC's were all players that re-signed.

A few others almost also had three points, but Rontez Miles did not count because he didn't actually sign in the first week, even though the revelation that he was still under contract came during that week. Also, a lot of you picked Anthony Barr, so bad luck on that front.

Nobody was able to beat Hazard2012's record score of four from last year.

That's just the aperitif, though. The main event will be at the end of the month as we'll be hosting the third annual Jetsfix NFL Draft Picks Contest. Can anyone wrest the title away from last year's winner?

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