Congratulations to our 2021 Free Agency Contest winner

We've been through the first week of free agency now, which means the book is closed on our 2021 free agency contest.

The Jets signed 12 players so far, giving you all a great chance to post a score to threaten David Aron's all-time record of five points.

So, how did you do? In a word, terrible.

Of the 22 people that entered, only four predicted the Carl Lawson signing and three predicted the Corey Davis signing. Literally nobody predicted any of the other 10 signings.

With the Jets re-signing literally none of their own free agents to a new contract and the media doing a terrible job of giving us clues as to who the Jets might be interested in, you collectively whiffed on 96.8% of your guesses.

However, one JetsFixer defied the odds and managed to predict the Davis signing and the Lawson signing to give us a clear winner with two points.

The winner of the 2021 Free Agency Contest is Jet-UP!

Next up is our draft picks contest. We'll be back in April for that.

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