Congratulations to our 2022 JetsFix Free Agency Contest winner

4pm marked the end of the first week of free agency, which means the book is closed on our 2022 free agency contest.

After last year's abysmal effort that saw nobody score more than two points, this year represented a return to form as all but three of the entrants managed at least three correct picks.

Five of you managed to identify two of the new signings, including Emunerated Powers, who was the only person to pick Jordan Whitehead. Three people guessed DJ Reed, six guessed Laken Tomlinson and 10 guessed CJ Uzomah correctly.

Some of you were unfortunate to lose out on a point for Eddy Pineiro who was signed to an RFA tender so did not count as a re-signed UFA. However, one person rose above the rest with a shurprisingly impresshive record-tying five points:

The winner of the 2022 Free Agency Contest is VWClaymore!

Next up is our draft picks contest. We'll be back in April for that.

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