Congratulations to our 2024 Free Agency Contest winner

4pm on Tuesday marked the end of the first week of free agency, which means the book is closed on our 2024 free agency contest.

Most of this year's contestants scored at least a few points but the winner with a record tying five points was BluntFumble89, someone whose avatar must have been created by a total genius.

Special mention to the existing record holder David Aron, who this year only scored four points but was the only entrant to correctly predict the Javon Kinlaw signing.

Sacks are Friends, Not Food could have had five points, but two of his choices were extended before free agency began so did not count. In any case, he'd have lost the tie-breaker because only one of his choices wasn't a re-signed Jets free agent.

The closest near miss, though, was Hazard, who would also have had five correct selections, two of which were external free agents. However, he removed Greg Zuerlein from his entry because he thought it wouldn't count due to being reported prior the the opening of free agency and replaced him with Quinton Jefferson. Unfortunately, the Zuerlein deal wasn't actually made official until a few days into the league year, so it would have counted after all. So close, but an honorable mention nevertheless!

Next up is our draft picks contest. We'll be back in April for that.

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