Countdown to Camp: 49

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're going to take a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 49

The Jets thought they had a nice find in pass rusher Dylan Donahue last year, but he didn't show much before his season was cut short by an elbow injury. Off-field issues have hampered his 2018 preparation so far.

The Greatest

Tony Richardson was probably past his best when he played his last few years with the Jets, but the team had some good success running the ball in those years.

Here's T-Rich leading the way for LaDainian Tomlinson on one of his touchdowns from the 2010 postseason win against the Colts:


The other 49's

Tony Paige, Ed Mariano, Travis Curtis...

49 years ago

In January 1969, the Jets had the greatest moment in their history with the Super Bowl III win over the Colts. They then almost got back to the AFL title game the following season. We detailed that earlier in our countdown, here.

49 on the scoreboard

The then-Titans lost 49-13 to Houston in 1961. Even worse, they lost 49-9 to the Bengals just five years ago.

49 on the statsheet

In 1986, Wesley Walker had over a thousand receiving yards and a career-high 12 touchdowns. Even more impressively, he did this on only 49 catches.

Battling the 49ers

In their history, the Jets have only beaten the 49ers three times - in 1983, 2004 and 2016. Memorable losses include the 1998 season opener with Garrison Hearst's 96-yard overtime winner. Bilal Powell's touchdown run in overtime gave the Jets their most recent victory in Bryce Petty's only ever win as a starter:


Let us know if there's any connections to 49 that we missed...