Countdown to Camp: 6

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're taking a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 6

Placekicker Taylor Bertolet was added to the team after impressing in his rookie camp tryout, but is regarded as a long-shot to beat out the more experienced Cairo Santos.

The Greatest

Mark Sanchez never realized his potential with the Jets, but did lead the Jets to four memorable postseason wins. He had a quarterback rating of 94.3 in postseason play but only completed 55 percent of his passes and had more interceptions than touchdowns as a Jet in regular season action.

Here is Sanchez showing off a slick playfake:


The other 6's

Ray Lucas, Doug Brien, Joe Prokop...

6 years ago

In 2012, the Jets made an ill-fated trade to acquire Tim Tebow, lost Darrelle Revis to an ACL tear and Santonio Holmes to a Lisfranc injury, then saw Mark Sanchez fall apart down the stretch as they limped to a 6-10 record despite still being in mathematical contention well into December.

They also suffered an embarrassing loss to New England on Thanksgiving night - a game in which absolutely nothing of note happened.

Antonio Cromartie - who had a great year with Revis out - went to the pro bowl. So did LaRon Landry for some reason.

6 on the scoreboard

The Jets beat the 1993 Patriots and the 2003 Steelers 6-0. The Steelers game was notable despite being a meaningless win because of the heavy snow and Curtis Martin's iconic performance (174 yards rushing, four catches for 54 yards).

6 yards for 6 points

Here's Santonio Holmes' game-winning touchdown against the Texans in 2010:


6 in the record books

Two Jets have made six field goals in a game. Jim Turner did it in 1968 as we mentioned a few days ago. More impressively, Bobby Howfield went six-for-six and accounted for all of the Jets' points in an 18-17 win over the 1972 Saints.

Joe Namath holds the team record with six touchdown passes in a game and also six interceptions in a game (which he did three times). Ryan Fitzpatrick tied the interceptions record against the Chiefs in 2016, while Brett Favre tied the touchdowns record against the Cardinals in 2008.

Let us know if there's any connections to 6 that we missed...