Countdown to Camp: 60

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're going to take a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 60

Number 60 is currently inactive, perhaps with a view to permanently retiring the number in honor of D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who was a reliable and durable left tackle for a decade after being the fourth overall pick in 2006. Ferguson was a key member of one of the best offensive lines in the NFL from 2008 to 2011, deservedly attending three pro bowls.

The Greatest

Although the number may be retired in honor of Ferguson, Larry Grantham is probably the most decorated Jet in history. In addition to his Super Bowl ring, Grantham was a five time all-pro and was either an all-star or all-AFL in seven of his 13 seasons.

Here's Grantham in action:


The other 60's

Dan Alexander was basically the only other significant Jet to wear the number...

The '60 season

In their inaugural season, the Jets went 7-7, winning their first ever game 27-3 over the Bills thanks to two second-quarter touchdown runs by quarterback Al Dorow.

Dorow threw 26 touchdown passes, including 14 to all-AFL selection Art Powell. Powell and Don Maynard each had thousand-yard seasons. On defense, Grantham was all-AFL with five interceptions but Fred Julian led the team with six.

60 yards on the runback

Last year's playoff hopes were crushed by this punt return by Kaelin Clay, which came shortly after a fumble return for a touchdown:


Let us know if there's any connections to 60 that we missed...