Countdown to Camp: 94

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're going to take a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 94

Nobody has 94 at the moment. Maybe it will be allocated to someone like Johnathan Hankins or Frostee Rucker if the team signs them.

The Greatest

John Abraham's six years with the Jets saw him rack up over 50 sacks and make three pro bowls. However, his reputation among Jets fans took a hit when he opted not to suit up for a postseason game, reportedly due to not wanting to risk injury with his pending free agency.

The other 94's

Damon Harrison, Scott Mersereau, Rusty Guilbeau...

The '94 season

The hiring of Pete Carroll as head coach injected some youthful energy into the Jets' team, but the Jets gave up on him after just one year following the team's end of season collapse.

The Jets got off to a 2-0 start with a memorable overtime win over the Broncos in their home opener that featured a long interception return by Mo Lewis. After then dropping three in a row, they bounced back and, at 6-5, had a chance to lead the AFC East heading into December.

You probably know what happened next. The Jets stormed to an impressive 24-6 lead at home to the Dolphins, only to then blow it, losing on the notorious "Fake Spike" by Dan Marino. Their last four games weren't close, as they collapsed to 6-10.

Wide receiver Rob Moore posted a thousand-yard season and was the team's only pro bowler. Boomer Esiason led an offense that also got some good contributions from the likes of Johnny Johnson, Johnny Mitchell and Art Monk.

Wonder what ever became of the young Pete Carroll...

The worst 94 ever

The 94 yards that Chris Johnson made on this run were crucial to the Titans' 14-10 win, but arguably less painful than Mark Sanchez's repeated futile attempts to recapture the lead in what had to be one of his worst ever games, as it killed off the Jets' postseason hopes for good in 2012:


However, this 94-yarder has to be the most insane touchdown the Jets ever surrendered. (It doesn't fit into a gif).

This came from a similar game to the Fake Spike game mentioned earlier, with the Jets blowing a 21-0 lead this time and losing to Bubby Brister of all people, following an injury to Randall Cunningham.

Wonder what became of the young Eric Allen...

(No, it's not that guy).

Let us know if there's any connections to 94 that we missed...