Countdown to Camp: 96

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're going to take a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 96

Like 97, this number is currently not allocated, although the Jets may soon give it to someone like Kevin Pierre-Louis or Micah Awe. Based on the way his exit from the team played out, it seems unlikely they're keeping it in reserve to potentially retire it in honor of the best to ever wear it.

The Greatest

Muhammad Wilkerson's downfall will be a cautionary tale for anyone who believes in fully-guaranteed contracts for years to come. For whatever reason, he never managed to return to the level of play he displayed in 2015 and the years leading up to it. Let's throw back to when he was actually still good...

Oh wait, that was last year...

The other 96's

David Bowens, Dave Ball, Jason Trusnik...

The '96 season

The 1996 season will live in infamy, as the Jets somehow managed to lose 15 of their 16 games with just a 31-21 win in Arizona to show for their efforts. The Jets were more competitive than you might remember though - seven of their losses were by seven or fewer points.

Frank Reich was the Jets' leading passer, with Wayne Chrebet leading the Jets in receiving ahead of rookie Keyshawn Johnson. Adrian Murrell rushed for over 1,200 yards too, but the team had zero representatives at the pro bowl.

Of course, the 2017 Jets were supposed to be even worse, but we all know how that turned out.

96 of the best - and 96 of the worst

The great Wesley Walker owns the longest play from scrimmage in team history on this long bomb from Ken O'Brien:


However, at the opposite end of the scale, here's the roughest way to lose a game in overtime, as Garrison Hearst runs 96 yards over, under, around and through the Jets defense:


...and yeah, that was holding on Mo Lewis at the 10-yard line.

Let us know if there's any connections to 96 that we missed...