Countdown to Camp: 99

As we look ahead to training camp in late July, we're going to take a daily retrospective look back at some random people, moments and games from Jets history...

The Current 99

Steve McLendon currently sports the #99 jersey and figures to have a starting role on defense again this year for the Jets, who value his veteran leadership. Will this be his last year with the Jets.

The Greatest

Say no more:


The other 99's

Hugh Douglas, Jason Taylor, Bryan Thomas...

The '99 season

Coming off a memorable run the previous year, hopes were high for the Jets in what turned out to be Bill Parcells' final season as head coach. The season was over basically before it began after a season-ending injury to Vinny Testaverde on opening day.

The Jets were competitive, but fell to 1-6 and then improbably made a run to finish up 8-8. Fourth string quarterback Ray Lucas won six starts, Curtis Martin and Keyshawn Johnson posted thousand-yard seasons and linebacker Mo Lewis went to the Pro Bowl, along with punter Tom Tupa, who also passed for two touchdowns in a cameo appearance at quarterback.

The roughest 99 ever

These 99 yards were particularly painful. The Jets had been playing well until that point and looked to be headed for 9-5 with two games to go...


Let us know if there's any connections to 99 that we missed...