Countdown to the draft: 5 days to go

The 2022 draft is almost here and we're counting down the days...

With the 5th pick

The Jets picked Mark Sanchez fifth overall in 2009, as we discussed yesterday. In order to get that fifth pick, they gave up a second round pick, Abram Elam, Kenyon Coleman and Brett Ratliff to move up from 22.

They also drafted quarterback Sandy Stephens fifth overall in the 1962 AFL draft, but he never played.

Five years ago

The 2017 draft was where the Jets selected Jamal Adams, who played well for the Jets and landed them a big trade haul, so that has to go down as a success. They also got five good years out of their second rounder, Marcus Maye. The least said about the rest of the picks, the better.

In the 5th round

Fifth round picks over the years by the Jets have often been characterized by the player having success on another team. Jonathan Goodwin, Tony Martin, Tom Matte and John Mackey are examples of this.

The best fifth rounder in terms of their actual contributions to the Jets was probably either Marcus Coleman, Jeremy Kerley, Fred Baxter or Adrian Murrell.

Number 5s in the draft

Kicker Pat Leahy is the best number 5 in team history, but he wasn't drafted by the Jets. The team did draft quarterback Brooks Bollinger in the sixth round of the 2003 draft though. He won a few starts in 2005 but is most famous for giving his name to the Bollinger Bowl.