Daily Poll Wrap 2019: How did you do?

As you know, we ran a series of polls in July to try to assess what might happen during the 2019 season. It's now time to see how well you did.

Let's see how closely your votes reflected what actually happened:

Will the Jets make the playoffs?:
Most popular choice - Maybe
Outcome - They did not make the playoffs.
Verdict - Wrong! The Jets were eliminated with a month to go after a 1-7 start.

Who will lead the Jets in receiving yards?:
Most popular choice - Robby Anderson
Outcome - Jamison Crowder
Verdict - Wrong! It was close but Jamison Crowder held Anderson off despite a late run and pipped him by 54 yards.

Who will be the primary return man?:
Most popular choice - Ty Montgomery
Outcome - Braxton Berrios
Verdict - Wrong! The Jets ended up with a full-time punt returner when they got Berrios (who went on to lead the league in return average) whereas the kick return job was Trenton Cannon's initially, then shared by Vyncint Smith and Montgomery. Montgomery did lead the Jets in kick-off return attempts and total return yardage though so you get partial credit.

Which rookie will play the most snaps?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - Kyle Phillips
Verdict - Wrong! Williams played more snaps than the rest of the draft class, but the undrafted rookie Phillips played more defensive snaps than he did. Interestingly, though, Williams played more total snaps if you include special teams, so again, you get partial credit.

Which former Mike Maccagnan draft pick on the bubble will make the team?:
Most popular choice - Parry Nickerson/Nathan Shepherd
Outcome - Shepherd, Trenton Cannon, Foley Fatukasi
Verdict - Half correct! ... Shepherd made it but Nickerson didn't. Of other players in the poll, Cannon and Fatukasi also made it.

Which non-wideout will lead the team in catches?:
Most popular choice - Le'Veon Bell
Outcome - Bell
Verdict - Correct! With Chris Herndon down, this was inevitable. Bell ended up second on the team with 66 catches, one more than the rest of the non-receivers on the team combined.

Who will lead the team in sacks?:
Most popular choice - Leonard Williams
Outcome - Jordan Jenkins
Verdict - Wrong! Spectacularly wrong, in fact. When the Jets traded Williams before the deadline, he had no sacks and ended the year with 0.5 in total. Jenkins posted a career-high with eight.

Which Jets will be pro bowlers this year?:
Most popular choice - Jamal Adams
Outcome - Jamal Adams
Verdict - Correct! And he was the only real candidate apart from maybe Berrios.

What will be the result on opening day?:
Most popular choice - A close win for the Jets
Outcome - Bills win 17-16
Verdict - Wrong! If Kaare Vedvik could kick, you'd have been right though.

Who will the Jets trade before or during the season?:
Most popular choice - No Jet will be traded
Outcome - No Jet was traded until Williams at the deadline
Verdict - Correct! The Darron Lee trade was before this poll.

Who will have a thousand-yard season in 2018?:
Most popular choice - Le'Veon Bell
Outcome - Nobody had one
Verdict - Wrong! Crowder was closest with 833 receiving yards. Bell had 798 on the ground and another 461 as a receiver though, so he had over a thousand yards from scrimmage. We'll be charitable and give you partial credit.

Who will be the most improved player on defense?:
Most popular choice - Derrick Jones
Outcome - Foley Fatukasi/Nathan Shepherd
Verdict - Wrong! Laughably wrong in fact. Jones was cut in camp and didn't make it onto ANYONE'S roster during the season. Fatukasi and Shepherd seem obvious choices for this award.

Which 2018 Jet will have the best year with his new team?:
Most popular choice - Darron Lee
Outcome - Buster Skrine
Verdict - Wrong! Lee could barely get on the field, although he did contribute on special teams. Nearly everyone on the list struggled apart from Skrine, although he wasn't as good as Brian Poole.

Which free agent addition will be the biggest disappointment:
Most popular choice - Brian Poole/Chandler Catanzaro
Outcome -
Verdict - Half correct! While you could make a case for Le'Veon Bell and CJ Mosley to be the biggest disappointment based on cost, Catanzaro was the only one on the list to not even make the team so, although Poole was probably the best free agent signing of all, you get partial credit.

Which injured player from last year will make the biggest impact?:
Most popular choice - Marcus Maye
Outcome - Marcus Maye
Verdict - Correct! Maye, who improbably led the team in total snaps, easily had a better year than the other players on this list.

Who will be the most improved player on offense?:
Most popular choice - Sam Darnold
Outcome - Sam Darnold
Verdict - Correct! Of the other guys on this list, the award perhaps could have gone to Robby Anderson but he didn't exceed any of his previous career-bests, while Darnold improved his TD/INT ratio from 1.13 last year to 1.46 and his completion percentage from 58% to 62%.

Who will lead the Jets in defensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Brian Poole
Outcome - Darryl Roberts
Verdict - Wrong! Poole only had three penalties. Roberts led the team with seven, one ahead of Jamal Adams.

Who will lead the Jets in offensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Brian Winters
Outcome - Kelvin Beachum
Verdict - Wrong! Winters only had two penalties. Beachum led the team with nine, three ahead of Alex Lewis and Chuma Edoga.

Who will lead the team in interceptions in 2018?:
Most popular choice - Trumaine Johnson
Outcome - Neville Hewitt
Verdict - Wrong! Despite his disappointing season, Johnson was tied for second on the team. That's because Hewitt was the only player to record more than one interception.

Who will be the biggest scapegoat in 2018?:
Most popular choice - Adam Gase
Outcome - Adam Gase
Verdict - Correct! The other main candidate - Chris Johnson - wasn't even an option in the poll.

Which pass catcher will lead the team in targets?:
Most popular choice - Jamison Crowder
Outcome - Jamison Crowder
Verdict - Correct! Crowder was targeted 122 times, the only player in triple figures.

Who will score the first Jets touchdown of the season?:
Most popular choice - Le'Veon Bell
Outcome - CJ Mosley
Verdict - Wrong! Bell did score the first offensive touchdown though, so we'll give you partial credit.

How many games will the Jets win in 2019?:
Most popular choice - 9
Outcome - 7
Verdict - Wrong! Not far off, with seven being the third most popular choice.

Are you ready for some football?:
Most popular choice - Yes
Outcome - Yes
Verdict - Correct! Well, 80 percent of you were, anyway.

The Final Verdict out of a possible 24 points:

11 points scored

About the same as last year where you collectively scored 10 out of a possible 22 points. Try and do better the next time...