Daily Poll Wrap 2020: How did you do?

As you know, we ran a series of polls in July to try to assess what might happen during the 2020 season. It's now time to see how well you did.

Let's see how closely your votes reflected what actually happened:

Will the Jets make the playoffs?:
Most popular choice - Yes
Outcome - No
Verdict - Wrong! Not even close.

Who will lead the Jets in receiving yards?:
Most popular choice - Jamison Crowder
Outcome - Despite missing four games, Crowder led the Jets with 699 yards and also led them in touchdowns
Verdict - Correct!

Who will return kickoffs?:
Most popular choice - Vyncint Smith
Outcome - It was a revolving door until Corey Ballentine got the job and returned 12 kicks for a solid 26.2 yards per return. Nobody else was in double figures for attempts. Smith had just two.
Verdict - Wrong!

Which rookie will play the most snaps?:
Most popular choice - Mekhi Becton
Outcome - Bectons's 691 snaps led the Jets on offense, with Bryce Hall leading all rookie defenders with 547 snaps.
Verdict - Correct!

Which former day three pick will get cut?:
Most popular choice - Trenton Cannon
Outcome - Not only was Cannon cut, but all of the other former day three picks were retained.
Verdict - Correct! A perfect answer.

Which non-wideout will lead the team in catches?:
Most popular choice - Le'Veon Bell
Outcome - Despite a rough year, Chris Herndon - who finished second in the poll - won this category with 31 catches. Ty Johnson was next with 16. Who would have predicted Bell would catch just three passes?
Verdict - Wrong!

Who will lead the team in sacks?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - Williams led the team with seven sacks; twice as many as the second-placed Tarell Basham.
Verdict - Correct!

Which Jets will be pro bowlers this year?:
Most popular choice - Jamal Adams/CJ Mosley
Outcome - This sums up the season really, as those two were both gone from the active roster shortly after the question was asked and the Jets had no pro bowlers.
Verdict - Gotta give you partial credit here, especially since Adams did go to the pro bowl.

What will be the result on opening day?:
Most popular choice - A close win for the Jets
Outcome - The Bills won 27-17 but it wasn't close; 21-3 at halftime and the Jets scoring their last touchdown with less than a minute to go.
Verdict - Wrong!

Who will the Jets trade between now and the deadline?:
Most popular choice - Brian Winters
Outcome - Winters wasn't traded, although he was released. However, the Jets traded a number of players, including Jamal Adams and Avery Williamson who were just behind Winters in the poll.
Verdict - That's got to be worth partial credit.

Who will have a thousand-yard season in 2020?:
Most popular choice - Le'Veon Bell
Outcome - Hahahaha no. Frank Gore actually led the Jets in yards from scrimmage but only had 742, so nobody was close.
Verdict - Wrong!

Who will be the most improved player on defense?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - No question here. Williams was better as a rookie than most people gave him credit for but he still made bigger strides than anyone else in 2020.
Verdict - Correct!

Which 2019 Jet will have the best year with his new team?:
Most popular choice - Robby Anderson
Outcome - This was obviously before Jamal Adams moved on and he was the only pro bowler, although his season as a whole was arguably a disappointment (to him and the Seahawks, not Jets fans). Anderson beat everyone else in this poll by a mile with an impressive thousand-yard season.
Verdict - Correct!

Which free agent addition will be the biggest disappointment?:
Most popular choice - George Fant
Outcome - There were a number of contenders here. Frank Gore frustrated many with how he was used, but actually played quite well for the most part. Breshad Perriman and Patrick Onwuasor kept getting injured. Joe Flacco and Josh Andrews had a minimal impact. The award probably should go to Pierre Desir though, because he was the only one who got cut.
Verdict - Wrong! Whoever, it was, it wasn't Fant.

Which injured player from last year will make the biggest impact?:
Most popular choice - CJ Mosley
Outcome - Mosley never actually returned so you'd have received credit if the second placed player in the poll - Chris Herndon - had the best year. He didn't, though, he had a rough season. The real winner here was John Franklin-Myers.
Verdict - Wrong! Although we are prepared to award you one compensatory bonus point in next season's poll wrap if Mosley comes back and has the best year in 2021.

Who will be the most improved player on offense?:
Most popular choice - Sam Darnold
Outcome - Yikes. No. And this was one of the biggest landslides in this year's set of polls. The real winner was obviously Braxton Berrios.
Verdict - Wrong!

Who will lead the Jets in defensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Pierre Desir
Outcome - Blessuan Austin actually led this category with eight, although Desir had been leading with six when the Jets dumped him and Austin didn't take over from him until week 15.
Verdict - Let's be charitable and give you partial credit.

Which veterans will be released?:
Most popular choice - Brian Winters
Outcome - Of the players listed, only Neville Hewitt and Arthur Maulet remained with the team until the end of the season, although Avery Williamson was traded rather than released.
Verdict - Correct! Winters was one of the first to go.

Who will lead the Jets in offensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Mekhi Becton
Outcome - Becton ended up with seven, a respectable total for a rookie but the only player with over five on offense.
Verdict - Correct!

Who will lead the team in interceptions in 2018?:
Most popular choice - Marcus Maye
Outcome - Maye definitely had the two most spectacular interceptions of the season, but Desir actually led the Jets with three, including a pick six. Brian Poole was the only other player with two.
Verdict - Wrong!

Who will lead the Jets in tackles for loss?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - Williams led the team with 10. Folorunso Fatukasi and Neville Hewitt had six each.
Verdict - Correct!

Which pass catcher will lead the team in targets?:
Most popular choice - Jamison Crowder
Outcome - Crowder was targeted 89 times with Perriman's 60 being next closest.
Verdict - Correct!

Who will score the first Jets touchdown of the season?:
Most popular choice - Le'Veon Bell
Outcome - This was Crowder again, as he broke away on a short pass for a 67-yard score against the Bills. Bell wasn't even the first player to rush for a touchdown - that was Josh Adams.
Verdict - Wrong!

How many regular season games will the Jets win?:
Most popular choice - 9
Outcome - 2
Verdict - Wrong! Although, in your defense, the Jets still had Mosley and Adams when we conducted this vote, so maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

Who will lead the Jets in quarterback hits?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - Williams led the Jets in this category as well. It was close this time though, as his 14 was just one ahead of both Basham and Franklin-Myers.
Verdict - Correct!

Who will give up the most sacks in 2020:
Most popular choice - Mekhi Becton/Chuma Edoga
Outcome - This vote was a tie but Becton did end up with the most sacks surrendered as he had seven, just one ahead of Connor McGovern. Four of these were in the last five games.
Verdict - Correct!

Are you ready for some football?:
Most popular choice - Yes!
Outcome - A unanimous vote in spite of the pandemic. The team may have looked ill-prepared but we were ready.
Verdict - Correct!

The Final Verdict out of a possible 27 points:

14.5 points scored

Much better than last year where you collectively scored 11 out of a possible 24 points. Try and do better the next time...