Daily Poll Wrap 2021: How did you do?

As you know, we ran a series of polls in July to try to assess what might happen during the 2021 season. It's now time to see how well you did.

Let's see how closely your votes reflected what actually happened:

Will the Jets make the playoffs?:
Most popular choice - No
Outcome - They didn't make it, but weren't officially eliminated until December.
Verdict - Correct! - off to a good start!

Who will lead the Jets in receiving yards?:
Most popular choice - Corey Davis
Outcome - Elijah Moore overtook Davis, who only played nine games, late in the season.
Verdict - Wrong! Unlucky though.

Who will return kickoffs?:
Most popular choice - Ace Carter
Outcome - Braxton Berrios not only returned kickoffs, but led the league.
Verdict - Wrong! Carter was never used in this role.

Which former draft pick will get cut?:
Most popular choice - Chuma Edoga
Outcome - James Morgan was the only former draft pick to be released.
Verdict - Wrong! Edoga spent much of the year injured and didn't play much, but he's still here.

Which non-wideout will lead the team in catches?:
Most popular choice - Ace Carter
Outcome - Carter had 36 receptions, just two ahead of Ty Johnson.
Verdict - Correct! Although Carter crept across the finishing line with just five catches for 19 yards after week 10.

Who will lead the team in sacks?:
Most popular choice - Carl Lawson
Outcome - Heartbreakingly, Lawson missed the entire season.
Verdict - The 2nd and 3rd most popular choices, Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers tied for the team lead with six, so let's call that partial credit.

Which Jets will be pro bowlers this year?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - Nobody made it, although Williams was the only Jet to be voted in the top 10 and was one of three alternates named, along with CJ Mosley and Berrios.
Verdict - Wrong! Williams was only a third alternate and it seems unlikely that more than one of the players selected will drop out.

What will be the result on opening day?:
Most popular choice - Jets win a close game
Outcome - The Jets lost 19-14 to the Panthers.
Verdict - Wrong! The Jets were just really unlucky to face this team when Christian McCaffrey was fully healthy and Sam Darnold hadn't melted down yet.

Who will the Jets trade between now and the deadline?:
Most popular choice - Jamison Crowder
Outcome - Chris Herndon and Daniel Brown were traded.
Verdict - Wrong! Crowder remained on the roster all season and led the Jets in receptions, although he was hurt down the stretch.

Who will have a thousand-yard season in 2020?:
Most popular choice - Corey Davis
Outcome - Nobody really got close, although Carter did rack up 964 yards from scrimmage.
Verdict - Wrong! Davis had 492 yards in basically half a season so he might have been close if he didn't get hurt.

Who will be the most improved player on defense?:
Most popular choice - Bryce Hall
Outcome - There were a few candidates for this, including John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff.
Verdict - Correct! This one is open for debate, but Hall is a viable answer.

Which 2020 Jet will have the best year with his new team?:
Most popular choice - Sam Darnold
Outcome - There isn't an obvious winner here, but Neville Hewitt (five starts and 60 tackles for Houston) and Tarell Basham (six starts and 3.5 sacks for Dallas) are probably the best choices.
Verdict - Wrong! Darnold struggled and was benched, so it wasn't him.

Which free agent addition will be the biggest disappointment?:
Most popular choice - Tevin Coleman
Outcome - Most of the disappointing free agents were due to injury but the main one who did play and failed to live up to expectations was Jarrad Davis, just ahead of Keelan Cole perhaps.
Verdict - Wrong! Coleman (4.2 ypc) actually did a decent job as the veteran in a stable of young backs and occasional kick returner.

Which 2021 draft pick will fail to make the roster?:
Most popular choice - They will all make it
Outcome - Jonathan Marshall was perhaps the closest to not making it, but he stuck on the roster all year and even played in a few games.
Verdict - Correct! Well done.

Who will be the most improved player on offense?:
Most popular choice - Denzel Mims
Outcome - The obvious choice from the names listed was Braxton Berrios, but George Fant might have a case too.
Verdict - Wrong! In fact we should arguably take away a point because of how wrong this was.

Who will lead the Jets in defensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Bless Austin
Outcome - Austin was released and went to Seattle where he didn't play much but had three penalties. The Jets were led by Shaq Lawson and Bryce Hall with seven each.
Verdict - Wrong! Nobody voted for Hall and after Austin the next two most popular answers were "Don't know" and "Don't care".

Which rookie will play the most snaps on defense?:
Most popular choice - Deuce Carter
Outcome - Carter had 777 snaps, just ahead of Brandin Echols with 762.
Verdict - Correct! Good call, here.

Who will lead the team in interceptions in 2021?:
Most popular choice - Marcus Maye
Outcome - Ashtyn Davis and Brandin Echols were tied for the team lead with two each.
Verdict - Wrong! Maye had none and only one person voted for Davis or Echols.

Which offensive lineman will give up the most sacks?:
Most popular choice - Morgan Moses
Outcome - Impressively, no Jet gave up five sacks on the year, including Moses who had exactly five in every season from 2015 to 2020 inclusive. Three players were tied on four.
Verdict - Correct! Moses was tied with Conor McDermott and Connor McGovern.

Which pass catcher will lead the team in targets?:
Most popular choice - Corey Davis
Outcome - Elijah Moore led this category with 77, six ahead of Crowder.
Verdict - Wrong! Davis ended up in fourth place, although he was 18 behind and missed eight games so he could have been the leader if he didn't get hurt.

Who will score the first Jets touchdown of the season?:
Most popular choice - Jamison Crowder
Outcome - This time, the correct answer was Corey Davis, who had four of the first eight touchdowns of the season but then never scored again.
Verdict - Wrong! Crowder had just two touchdowns, including the third of the season.

How many regular season games will the Jets win?:
Most popular choice - Seven
Outcome - The Jets won four games - the fourth, eighth, twelfth and sixteenth of the year.
Verdict - Wrong! The Jets could have got to seven with better luck though - they had three seven point losses and two more by less than seven.

Who will lead the Jets in tackles?:
Most popular choice - CJ Mosley
Outcome - Mosley led the team with 168 tackles, 58 ahead of Quincy Williams.
Verdict - Correct! You called this one.

Which UDFA will have the biggest impact in 2021?:
Most popular choice - Isaiah Dunn
Outcome - Kenny Yeboah, Hamilcar Rashed and Dunn all contributed on a minor level.
Verdict - Correct! Dunn started one game and only had eight tackles and two passes defensed for the season, but he probably wins this category.

Who will lead the Jets in quarterback hits?:
Most popular choice - Carl Lawson
Outcome - Again, Lawson missed the whole season. Franklin-Myers led the team with 14. Lawson had led the NFL with 32 in 2020.
Verdict - Wrong! Your next most popular choice, Quinnen Williams, was tied for the lead going into the last game though.

Who will lead the Jets in offensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Morgan Moses
Outcome - Alijah Vera-Tucker led the way with five.
Verdict - Wrong! Moses was a good bet, because he amassed 26 penalties in 2018 and 2019, but he ended up with just three.

Are you ready for some football?:
Most popular choice - Yes
Outcome - Correct! Guess you were.

The Final Verdict out of a possible 27 points:

9.5 points scored

Way worse last year where you collectively scored 14.5 out of a possible 27 points, but clearly it was an unpredictable year. Try and do better the next time...