Daily Poll Wrap 2022: How did you do?

As you know, we ran a series of polls in July to try to assess what might happen during the 2022 season. It's now time to see how well you did.

Let's see how closely your votes reflected what actually happened:

Will the Jets make the playoffs?:
Most popular choice - No
Outcome - No, although they lasted until January before being eliminated.
Verdict - Correct! Off to a good start...

What will be the result on opening day?:
Most popular choice - Close win for the Jets
Outcome - Jets lost 24-9 to the Ravens, although it was close in the first half.
Verdict - Wrong! Unfortunately, the Jets were not off to a good start.

Who will lead the Jets in receiving yards?:
Most popular choice - Elijah Moore
Outcome - Garrett Wilson led the way with 1103 yards
Verdict - Wrong! Moore had just 446, which was even less than last year. He was tied for the team lead in trade requests, though.

Who will return lead the team in special teams tackles?:
Most popular choice - Justin Hardee
Outcome - Hardee was in the top five in the whole NFL with 15 tackles in kick coverage.
Verdict - Correct! Hardee won this by a long way. Next best was Jamien Sherwood with six. In fact, Hardee was in on 37 percent of all special teams tackles.

Which former draft pick will get cut?:
Most popular choice - La'Mical Perine
Outcome - Perine was cut, as were Chuma Edoga, Jonathan Marshall, Jabari Zuniga and Trevon Wesco.
Verdict - Correct! And, impressively, these were your top five choices.

Which non-wideout will lead the team in catches?:
Most popular choice - CJ Uzomah
Outcome - Tyler Conklin led the way with 58 catches.
Verdict - Wrong! Uzomah had just 21 catches so he was in third place for all non-receivers. Ace Carter was second behind Conklin.

Who will lead the team in sacks?:
Most popular choice - Carl Lawson
Outcome - Quinnen Williams led the way with 12 sacks.
Verdict - Wrong! Although Lawson was in second place with seven sacks.

Which Jets will be pro bowlers this year?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams
Outcome - Williams did make it, along with Sauce Gardner, CJ Mosley and Hardee
Verdict - Correct! Only 3 percent of you had faith in Gardner and Mosley though (Hardee wasn't in the poll).

Which offensive player will have the most 100-yard games?
Most popular choice - Breece Hall
Outcome - Wilson led the way with three, although he lost yards on the final play of the season and otherwise would have had four.
Verdict - Hall had two - one rushing, one receiving - but since he only played seven games, let's give you partial credit!

Who will the Jets trade between now and the deadline?:
Most popular choice - Denzel Mims
Outcome - Jacob Martin was traded at the deadline
Verdict - Since Martin wasn't one of the options in the poll and Mims did demand a trade, we'll let you have partial credit.

Who will have a thousand-yard season in 2022?:
Most popular choice - Elijah Moore
Outcome - Garrett Wilson had the Jets' first thousand-yard season for a rusher or receiver since 2015.
Verdict - Wrong! Moore didn't even get to 500.

Who will be the most improved player on defense?:
Most popular choice - Quincy Williams
Outcome - Of the players who were in the poll, Quinnen Williams and Deuce Carter were candidates to be the most-improved.
Verdict - Wrong! Williams improved marginally, but others on the team definitely made bigger strides.

Which 2021 Jet will have the best year with his new team?:
Most popular choice - Jamison Crowder
Outcome - Marcus Maye had 60 tackles in 10 starts, albeit that he didn't make many impact plays with just two passes defensed and a forced fumble. He was the best out of those in the poll, though.
Verdict - Wrong! Crowder had just six catches in four games and then got injured.

Which free agent addition will be the biggest disappointment?:
Most popular choice - Don't know (Jacob Martin was 2nd)
Outcome - There were a few candidates here. Laken Tomlinson underwhelmed considering the cost, but at least he stayed healthy. Marcell Harris barely played and Martin was traded.
Verdict - Since the winner isn't completely clear, let's go with partial credit for the "don't know" answer.

Who will be the most improved player on offense?:
Most popular choice - Zach Wilson
Outcome - None of the names listed really improved during the year and most regressed. Mims was at least better than last season - and Alijah Vera-Tucker was on the way to a good season before getting hurt.
Verdict - Hahahahahah no.

Who will lead the Jets in defensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Sauce Gardner
Outcome - Gardner led the way with five penalties.
Verdict - Correct! CJ Mosley was in second place with four (and actually led the team in accepted penalties because two of Gardner's were declined).

Which rookie will play the most snaps on defense?:
Most popular choice - Sauce Gardner
Outcome - Gardner's 1,114 defensive snaps led all rookies and was third on the team overall.
Verdict - Correct! Way ahead of Jermaine Johnson's 312.

Who will lead the team in interceptions in 2021?:
Most popular choice - Sauce Gardner
Outcome - Lamarcus Joyner led the way with three.
Verdict - Wrong! Gardner had two. So did Jordan Whitehead, who dropped at least two others.

Which offensive lineman will give up the most sacks?:
Most popular choice - Mekhi Becton/George Fant/Chuma Edoga (three-way tie)
Outcome - Fant and Connor McGovern were tied with five per PFF.
Verdict - Correct! Since we're not completely convinced all five of those were on McGovern, and Becton and Edoga didn't play, you get full credit for this one.

Which pass catcher will lead the team in targets?:
Most popular choice - Elijah Moore
Outcome - Wilson's 147 targets led the way by 60 from Tyler Conklin.
Verdict - Wrong! Very wrong, in fact, because Moore couldn't buy a target at times.

Who will score the first Jets touchdown of the season?:
Most popular choice - Breece Hall
Outcome - Tyler Conklin's garbage time catch against the Ravens was the first touchdown of the season for the Jets.
Verdict - Wrong! Hall did somehow lead the Jets in total touchdowns and dropped passes though, despite playing less than half a season.

How many regular season games will the Jets win?:
Most popular choice - 9
Outcome - They ended up 7-10
Verdict - Wrong! Nine was looking like a decent guess for most of the year, but the late season swoon put paid to that possibility.

Who will lead the Jets in tackles?:
Most popular choice - CJ Mosley
Outcome - Mosley led the way with 158 tackles.
Verdict - Correct! Mosely beat Quincy Williams into second place by more than 50.

Which UDFA will have the biggest impact in 2021?:
Most popular choice - Bam Knight
Outcome - Knight was great in his first three games, although he fell off down the stretch.
Verdict - Correct! The only other candidate was Tony Adams, who made some contributions late in the season.

Who will lead the Jets in quarterback hits?:
Most popular choice - Carl Lawson
Outcome - This depends on whether a sack counts as a hit (as it would on NFL.com) or not (as it would on other sites). In the former case, Quinnen Williams led the way with 28 to Lawson's 24. However, if it's the latter, Lawson beat out Williams 17-16.
Verdict - Correct! We'll let you have this one.

Who will lead the Jets in offensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Alijah Vera-Tucker
Outcome - George Fant had seven to lead the way.
Verdict - Wrong! Vera-Tucker only had one in seven games. We can't even justify letting you off the hook because he got injured, because Fant only played one more game than he did.

Are you ready for some football?:
Most popular choice - Yes
Outcome - Were you ready? I feel like you were ready.
Verdict - Correct! Well done on that one.

The Final Verdict out of a possible 27 points:

12.5 points scored

Way better than last year where you collectively scored 9.5 out of a possible 27 points, but not as good as 2020 (14.5) in another unpredictable season. Try and do better the next time...