Daily Poll Wrap 2023: How did you do?

As you know, we ran a series of polls in July to try to assess what might happen during the 2023 season. It's now time to see how well you did.

Let's see how closely your votes reflected what actually happened:

Will the Jets make the playoffs?:
Most popular choice - Yes
Outcome - Nope.
Verdict - 82 percent of you were wrong on this one. Not a good start.

What will be the result on opening day?:
Most popular choice - Close win for the Jets
Outcome - Jets won in overtime.
Verdict - Correct! That's more like it.

Who will lead the Jets in receiving yards?:
Most popular choice - Garrett Wilson
Outcome - Yes, and it wasn't even close.
Verdict - Correct! And it was nearly unanimous. Now we're rolling...

Who will return lead the team in special teams tackles?:
Most popular choice - Justin Hardee
Outcome - Hardee only had five tackles, as Ashtyn Davis ended up just one off the league lead.
Verdict - Wrong! Nobody voted for Davis, either.

Which former draft pick will get cut?:
Most popular choice - Denzel Mims
Outcome - Hamsah Nasirildeen was the only former draft pick released before the season, although Ace Carter was also released during the season.
Verdict - Mims was traded and Nasirildeen was the second most popular choice so that has to be worth Partial Credit!

Which non-wideout will lead the team in catches?:
Most popular choice - Tyler Conklin
Outcome - Breece Hall led all non-receivers with 76 catches.
Verdict - Wrong! Hall didn't just lead the Jets in this category, he led all NFL backs in catches. Six tight ends were ahead of him though.

Who will lead the team in sacks?:
Most popular choice - Carl Lawson
Outcome - Bryce Huff led the team with 10.
Verdict - Wrong! In fact, you're lucky not to lose a point because Lawson didn't even record a quarterback hit.

Which Jets will be pro bowlers this year?:
Most popular choice - Quinnen Williams, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson (three way tie).
Outcome - Williams and Gardner made it.
Verdict - Correct! Strictly speaking you should probably only get two-thirds of a point but you're struggling so you can have a pity point.

Which offensive player will have the most 100-yard games?
Most popular choice - Garrett Wilson
Outcome - Wilson had two, but Hall had three.
Verdict - Wrong! Close but no cigar.

Who will the Jets trade between now and the deadline?:
Most popular choice - Denzel Mims
Outcome - Mims was indeed traded, as was Mecole Hardman.
Verdict - Correct! And Hardman wasn't even one of the available options.

Who will have a thousand-yard season in 2023?:
Most popular choice - Garrett Wilson
Outcome - Wilson ended up with 1042 receiving yards
Verdict - Correct! And the second most popular choice, Breece Hall, came up just six yards short. Also receiving votes: Corey Davis and Izzy Abanikanda.

Who will be the most improved player on defense?:
Most popular choice - Jermaine Johnson
Outcome - There were so many candidates for this: Johnson, Bryce Huff, Tony Adams, Quincy Williams - even Ashtyn Davis.
Verdict - Correct! Maybe it was one of the others but you can at least make a strong case for Johnson so that's got to be worth a point.

Which 2021 Jet will have the best year with his new team?:
Most popular choice - Elijah Moore
Outcome - Another category with many potential choices of which Moore (career high 59 catches) was a strong contender.
Verdict - It might be George Fant (who wasn't even an option), Nathan Shepherd or Sheldon Rankins but again you can make a case for Moore so that's worth Partial Credit.

Which offseason addition will be the biggest disappointment?:
Most popular choice - Mecole Hardman
Outcome - It has to be one of the three wide receivers - Hardman, Randall Cobb or Allen Lazard - unless you go for Aaron Rodgers.
Verdict - It's arguably Lazard because of the money involved but Hardman produced so little, let's go with Partial Credit.

Who will be the most improved player on offense?:
Most popular choice - Mekhi Becton
Outcome - It was probably Jeremy Ruckert, although he wasn't one of the options.
Verdict - It was good to see Becton out there all year, but he wasn't as good as he was in his rookie year so...Wrong!

Who will lead the Jets in defensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Quincy Williams
Outcome - DJ Reed led the way with eight.
Verdict - Wrong! About half of the eight were bullcrap calls but he had three more than Williams.

Which rookie will play the most snaps on defense?:
Most popular choice - Will McDonald
Outcome - McDonald led the way with 183 snaps.
Verdict - Correct! This was a lay-up. In fact, the only other rookie to get any defensive snaps was Jarrick Bernard-Converse with a total of four.

Who will lead the team in interceptions in 2021?:
Most popular choice - DJ Reed
Outcome - Jordan Whitehead led the way with four.
Verdict - Wrong! Despite only having one in the last 16 games, Whitehead takes this one.

Which offensive lineman will give up the most sacks?:
Most popular choice - Laken Tomlinson
Outcome - Mekhi Becton allowed 12 per PFF.
Verdict - Wrong! Tomlinson was second with seven, though.

Which pass catcher will lead the team in targets?:
Most popular choice - Garrett Wilson
Outcome - Wilson's 168 targets was 73 more than Breece Hall had.
Verdict - Correct! Another lay-up here.

Who will score the first Jets touchdown of the season?:
Most popular choice - Allen Lazard
Outcome - Garrett Wilson reeled in Zach Wilson's pass for a touchdown against the Bills on opening day.
Verdict - Wrong! Lazard did have the sixth touchdown of the season, though.

How many regular season games will the Jets win?:
Most popular choice - 11
Outcome - They ended up 7-10
Verdict - Wrong! Way off the mark. It was only nine even if you include preseason.

Who will lead the Jets in tackles?:
Most popular choice - CJ Mosley
Outcome - Mosley led the way with 152 tackles.
Verdict - Correct! You guys sure know how to make a lay-up. Quincy Williams did close the gap this year, though, from over 50 to just 13.

Which UDFA will have the biggest impact in 2021?:
Most popular choice - Jason Brownlee and Xavier Gipson (tied)
Outcome - It was clearly Gipson who featured as a return man all year and contributed almost 300 yards from scrimmage.
Verdict - Correct! Really should be partial credit but we're starting to feel sorry for you by this stage.

Who will lead the Jets in quarterback hits?:
Most popular choice - Carl Lawson
Outcome - Officially, Bryce Huff edged out Quinnen Williams by one, although NFL numbers take into account sacks. If sacks are ignored, Williams would take it. Interestingly, PFF has John Franklin-Myers, not Williams, tied with Huff in this category.
Verdict - Wrong! One thing's for sure, it wasn't Lawson, who had none all year.

Who will lead the Jets in offensive penalties?:
Most popular choice - Mekhi Becton
Outcome - Becton led the way with 16. PFF has him down for 18 but that's wrong.
Verdict - Correct! Becton almost led the league but Jawaan Taylor had 20 (plus three more so far in the postseason).

Are you ready for some football?:
Most popular choice - Yes
Outcome - Hmmm,
Verdict - Wrong! Nope, nobody can claim they were ready for that.

The Final Verdict out of a possible 27 points:

12.5 points scored

Exactly the same as last year but still shy of the record from 2020 (14.5) in yet another unpredictable season. Try and do better the next time...