Draft Week: Mocking the Jets

Let's take a look at a series of recently-posted mock drafts to assess who the online draft analysis community is guessing could be options for the Jets. It's also interesting to see where the Jets are expected to make their first selection.

Draft: CBS Sports
Jets selection: Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama
Where selected: 12th

The Jets have need for a cornerback and Fitzpatrick is potentially one of the best in the draft. Would the Jets be gun shy about drafting another Alabama cornerback after the Dee Milliner pick didn't work out though? Marlon Humphrey has played well in his rookie year, perhaps quieting those usual concern that Nick Saban-coached cornerbacks tend to take a while to hit their stride at the NFL level.

Despite his credentials at cornerback, Fitzpatrick has been employed in a more versatile role with the Crimson Tide this year, playing plenty of safety and even as a linebacker in the dime package. The Jets just drafted a defensive back who can play a mutli-faceted role like this, but perhaps they would welcome the opportunity to pack their secondary with versatile players for maximum flexibility - almost like an NFL version of "positionless basketball".

Draft: Bleacher Report (Goldberg)
Jets selection: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
Where selected: 12th

Allen ticks most of the boxes - size, arm strength, mobility, character - but is turning some analysts (and probably some teams) off him with his inconsistent film so far this year. Don't read too much into recent reports that the Jets seem more interesting in him than anyone else though - they typically do plenty of due diligence on practically everyone throughout the season.

The Jets need a quarterback and Mike Maccagnan's drafting of Christian Hackenberg perhaps tells us that bad film won't dissuade him from coveting a quarterback with what he considers to be draftable traits. He's probably a long-term project though - and does Maccagnan have enough job security to spend a high pick on something that might not pay dividends for a while?

Draft: USA Today
Jets selection: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
Where selected: 9th

Mayfield's antics this week might have taken him off some team's boards, but for the majority of the league, it probably won't have changed their opinion of him at all. Is he likely to go this high, though?

As things stand, Mayfield has probably locked up the Heisman Trophy, but he is probably unlikely to be ranked this high until he proves himself during bowl season. It would be fascinating to see Oklahoma in the playoffs but, if not, they're a good bet to be in a New Year's Six bowl game. How does a showdown against Sam Darnold and USC sound?

Draft: MMQB
Jets selection: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
Where selected: 6th

In this mock, Albert Breer implies that Jets fans might grumble at them taking a lineman rather than a sexier pick for a skill-position player. However, back in 2006, the D'Brickashaw Ferguson pick was generally well-received, even though the media wanted the Jets to move up for Reggie Bush or take Matt Leinart.

While he'd almost certainly provide an upgrade in very short order, taking Nelson sixth seems a little high because a guard generally isn't as much of a difference maker as an edge rusher, shutdown corner or skill position player. If they picked in the 9-12 range where the rest of these mocks had the Jets, then taking the best lineman would seem smart - and that could well be Nelson.

Draft: The Big Lead
Jets selection: Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
Where selected: 9th

While taking a guard with the sixth pick would be controversial, taking a running back with the ninth pick would probably be just as polarizing. Moreso than at other positions, there seems to be a greater chance of finding a top level running back later on in the draft. There's also no real guarantee of success with a first round back.

Guice is talented but hasn't exactly had an amazing season, so even if you like the idea of taking a back at this point, he might not be the one you'd choose.

Draft: Bleacher Report (Matt Miller)
Jets selection: Bradley Chubb, DE/OLB, NC State
Where selected: 9th

This would upgrade a need area and provide the Jets with a piece that has versatility, size, toughness and athleticism. He also brings good leadership and reportedly has good character.

Chubb has been mocked a lot higher than this in some drafts, as some feel he's the best defensive player in the draft, but if he fell to the Jets here, that would seem to be a good option.

How would you feel if they ended up with any of these guys? Let us know in the comments section...