Final: Jets 17 Bills 27

The final scoreline ends up being somewhat flattering for the Jets, who couldn't get any momentum going in the first half and fell into a 21-0 hole before making the score look respectable in the second half.

Le'Veon Bell got injured, but most of the damage was already done by then. Defensively, the Jets - who only dressed two inside linebackers - weren't helped by Blake Cashman only lasting a couple of plays before going down with a groin injury.

Sam Darnold looked rusty, missing some chances to get the Jets moving in the early stages and throwing a terrible interception across his body.

The Jets' best chance to get back into the game ended when Chris Herndon was ruled to have fumbled with the Jets down 11 and driving in the second half.

We'll have plenty more analysis for you over the next few days. For now, enjoy the carnage...