Guest Post: Best Italian Restaurants 2020

As you'll know if you read our recent JetsFix Mailbag, we don't like to box ourselves in to just posting about the Jets here on JetsFix. For example, JetsFix regular johnsec125 wanted to share his 2020 list of best Italian restaurants...

Here are my top Italian Restaurants for 2020. My apologies to the good people of New Jersey, Staten Island, and Long Island, but I have not had the privilege of visiting any of your fine establishments recently.

This list is a mixed bag of places that I have visited, some on a regular basis close to home, and others that I wish I could visit more. This list is purely personal, and nothing is more subjective than food. I have included plenty from Brendan's adopted State this time around.

I welcome criticism, and please reply with some of your own favorites. Thanks to JetsFix for posting.

  1. Bamonte's, Brooklyn - Opened in 1900. Nuff said.

  2. Artie's Steak and Seafood, City Island - My go to place after Met games. Love City Island.

  3. Carbone, Greenwich Village - Good luck getting a reservation.

  4. Tony's Di Napoli, T. Square - I know, I know, it's a tourist trap, but the food is actually pretty good.

  5. Del Posto, 10th Ave. - Classy, expensive, Bastianich joint. Amazing food and service.

  6. Trattoria Tre Colori, 47th St. - Great place before or after Hamilton. Busy as hell.

  7. Don Peppe's, Ozone Park - Don't eat for a few days before you go and bring plenty of cash.

  8. Parkside, Corona - Wise Guy hang out. Try the Rigatoni Mattriciana.

  9. Antonio's Trattoria, Arthur Ave. - Best food in Belmont. That's saying something.

  10. Enzo's, Arthur Ave. - Nice cozy place with great service.

  11. Zero Otto Nove, Arthur Ave. - Cool atmosphere in the back dining room, but I usually sit and eat at the up front bar. Good pizza too.

  12. Mario's, Arthur Ave - Sentimental choice. My did knew the owner pretty well. Clemenza ate here before whacking Paulie.

  13. Sal e Pepe, Newtown, Ct. - Good place near R's neck of the woods.

  14. Rosie's Bistro, Bronxville - My son lives right up the road, and he always pays when we go.

  15. Ristorante Lucia, New Milford, Ct. - The best Northern Italian in my area. Lot's of weekenders.

  16. Della Francesca, Danbury - I will only go to the Mall with my wife if she promises to stop here on our way home.

  17. Zini's, Bantam, Ct. - Small place filled with famous people who live in the area.

  18. Adrianna's, New Haven - Best Italian in an area with tons of good Italian places to eat.

  19. La Tavola, Waterbury - Great food and a good bar scene.

  20. The Venetian, Torrington - Old school red sauce place up near Brendan's parent's weekend estate.

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