How the hell am I supposed to know who this is? - Zane Lewis

In an occasional feature, we're going to briefly highlight any of the lesser-known players that make an unexpected impact during camp or in the season. Today, we focus on defensive back Zane Lewis.

What he did:

Lewis has been making an impact with his playmaking. He did this on Wednesday:

Then, on the next day, he repeated the trick:


Lewis, who has yet to make his NFL debut, played exclusively as an outside cornerback at Air Force but has reportedly been working with the safeties in training camp.

He has decent speed and coverage abilities but needed to improve his physicality and tackling when he first entered the league and those areas will be even more important if the move to safety is permanent.

Other than Marcus Maye, Lamarcus Joyner and Ashtyn Davis - who is currently injured - there aren't really any roster locks at the safety position so if Lewis keeps making plays on defense and can prove his worth on special teams, perhaps he has an outside chance at making the roster. If not, he might be a good bet for the practice squad, which is where he spent most of last year after having gone undrafted and going on to training camp with the Cardinals.

More on Lewis:

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