How the hell am I supposed to know who these are? Mike White/James Morgan

In an occasional feature, we're going to briefly highlight any of the lesser-known players that make an unexpected impact during camp or in the season. Today, we focus on quarterbacks Mike White and James Morgan.

What they did:

Nothing yet, but training camp practices get underway this morning and it looks like rookie starting quarterback Zach Wilson will be absent. Just like we warned you, Wilson and the Jets have yet to agree on the terms for his rookie contract, so he will be a late arrival.

Someone's going to have to play quarterback though, and unless the Jets throw a curveball and put Jamison Crowder (the only current Jet to have thrown an NFL pass) in there, then White and Morgan are the only options.


Even if there's an eleventh hour agreement between Wilson and the Jets, it seems unlikely he'd take any snaps today because the Jets have presuamably undertaken some pre-practice preparation with White and Morgan so they'll be ready to split reps. That's unless the Jets and Wilson have been trolling us all along, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

The media has already been making a fuss over the fact that the Jets will need a more established veteran to hold the fort if Wilson goes down or struggles during the season, but despite calls for a Nick Foles trade, nothing has been forthcoming. For now, White and Morgan will need to hold the fort in practice where you can probably expect the defense to have an early edge, if not dominate completely.

White has, at least, played in NFL preseason games in the past, although his numbers weren't very good. Morgan, on the other hand, is essentially still a rookie because the Adam Gase coaching staff struggled to find any reps for him during the 2020 season and the run-up to it.

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