How the hell am I supposed to know who this is? - Denzel Mims

In an occasional feature, we're going to briefly highlight any of the lesser-known players that make an unexpected impact during camp or in the season. Today, we focus on wide receiver Denzel Mims:

What he did:

On the first day of training camp, most of the media in attendance agreed that Mims was the standout offensive player.

Mims receptions included an "acrobatic" leaping grab for a 15-yard gain and another downfield catch where he ripped the ball away from Isaiah Dunn, as well as this catch and run:


Of course, Mims isn't really one of the Jets' lesser-known players. If anything, he was one of the most-discussed players during camp last season. These early contributions are unexpected though, as he's probably WR5 at best on the opening depth chart.

Expectations from Mims last year were much higher but his slow start in camp and lack of development over the course of the season were frustrating. Injuries and illness were a factor, but he also seemed to struggle to learn the offense and with his confidence.

Mims obviously showed up in great shape and it's a good sign that he's off to such a good start, although it's worth noting that early standouts at camp often get overtaken by veteran players who coast through the offseason and use camp to get into optimum shape. It's also worth noting that, so far, Mims has been making plays with the second and third unit.

If he can keep things going, though, Mims could crack the rotation or alternatively could return value in a trade - or even render someone else expendable for a potential trade.

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