How the hell am I supposed to know who this is? - Elijah McGuire

The Jets activated running back Elijah McGuire yesterday. McGuire has been practicing for the last two weeks after having been on injured reserve. He had suffered a broken foot on the first day of training camp.


McGuire returns in a situation which could lead to him being relied upon to make more immediate contributions than he would have had he been active at the start of the season. With Bilal Powell out for the season, the Jets only have Isaiah Crowell and Trenton Cannon ahead of him. While Cannon has started making some offensive contributions, Crowell has been struggling with an ankle injury.

McGuire's running style is theoretically ideal for a one-cut running scheme, although the outside stretch zone runs in which such a skill would be of optimal use haven't really been that much of an offensive staple yet.

He can certainly help the team in the passing game, where his route running, natural hands and playmaking make him a definite upgrade over Crowell, although the Jets didn't make use of those abilities much last year. Cannon is looking to develop into a similar playmaker in the passing game, although he's still developing.

With some of the struggles Crowell and Cannon have had in pass protection, it's also quite possible that McGuire might be the back who is best equipped to pick up the blitz.

Finally, he can contribute on special teams. With Andre Roberts dealing with a stiff back, McGuire could offer an alternative both on punts and kickoffs, although he's yet to have much success on either at the pro level.

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