How the hell am I supposed to know who this is? - Jimmy Moreland

In an occasional feature, we briefly highlight any of the lesser-known players that make an unexpected impact during camp, preseason or the regular season.

Today, we focus on cornerback Jimmy Moreland:

What he did:

Jimmy Moreland is one of the lesser-known names battling for a roster spot at cornerback but he's helping his chances by making some plays:

This isn't the first time he's done this at camp either:


Although Jets fans might not be that familiar with Moreland, he's no slouch. The 27-year old has started 10 NFL games in his career and he's a special teams monster. If he can have a good preseason, his playmaking in camp has given him a legitimate shot at making the opening day roster, especially with Brandin Echols suspended for week one.

Bryce Hall's poor 2022 season likely means his spot is up for grabs and Moreland has as good of a chance as anyone to take it, especially since he has the ability to play outside or in the slot, adding more positional versatility to the secondary.

More on Moreland:

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