How the hell am I supposed to know who this is? - Lance McCutcheon

In an occasional feature, we briefly highlight any of the lesser-known players that make an unexpected impact during camp, preseason or the regular season.

Today, we focus on wide receiver Lance McCutcheon:

What he did:

McCutcheon has to be one of the longest of long-shots to make the Jets' roster at a position with multiple special teams contributors trying to earn a role. He made a big play on Wednesday, though.


McCutcheon is best known for the 2022 preseason where he led the entire NFL in receiving yards. However, despite playing in 10 regular season games, including one start, he's yet to record his first NFL catch. He has nice size, at 6'3".

The Jets currently have 12 receivers under contract, three of whom are undrafted rookies. Along with perhaps Malik Taylor, he might be the least likely of these to stay with the team long enough to see action in 2024.

However, if he can make more plays like this in practice, then perhaps McCutcheon can replicate his preseason production from two years ago and the Jets or another team will give him a shot.

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