In-depth analysis: Giants "at" Jets (Special teams)

The special teams unit had a terrible day yesterday. Hopefully there won't be too many days that are this bad ahead, but it doesn't bode well for these units.

Let's review the key contributions...

Return game - Loose Cannon

Yet again, ball security was an issue for TRENTON CANNON, who lost a fumble on a kick-off return, setting the Giants up with a possession in the red zone.

While Cannon deserves criticism here, we should perhaps be more concerned about how badly this return was blocked by the starting kick return unit. BRANDON COPELAND's man skips around his block to lay the killer blow, but ERIC TOMLINSON and NEAL STERLING also miss their blocks and Cannon might initially have wanted to break across the field, but CHRIS HERNDON engages his man too late so Cannon has to cut back upfield. To be fair to Herndon, he seemed to be expecting Cannon to take a knee.


It's a real shame Cannon keeps having these ball security issues because he looks electric every time he returns a kick, twice bringing one out close to the 30.

On punts returns, ANDRE ROBERTS is really the only candidate with Cannon too unreliable and LUCKY WHITEHEAD out. He fair caught one punt but didn't get a chance to return any.

Kick coverage - Neville blew it

Punt coverage was terrible in this game as Hunter Sharp returned the first punt of the game for a 55-yard touchdown and things didn't get much better from there.

On the touchdown, the Jets' lane discipline was terrible as everyone flowed to the right, leaving Copeland completely exposed on the left side. JOSH MARTIN tried to rally back to the outside to but got lit up and NEVILLE HEWITT had a chance to make a saving tackle but he whiffed on it:


Martin and Hewitt each uncharacteristically missed two tackles in kick coverage and Martin was also called for a hold. Tomlinson also had a special teams penalty.

At the gunner spots, CHARONE PEAKE and TRE MCBRIDE III saw early reps, while TERRENCE BROOKS and JUSTON BURRIS got reps later on. Brooks and Peake seem to do the best job of getting downfield, although Brooks isn't the best at breaking down and has a tendency to overpursue.

Hewitt, Sterling and DOUG MIDDLETON were the only players credited with multiple tackles on special teams.

Despite the fact the punt coverage was so bad, kick-off coverage wasn't an issue as the only kick that got returned was stopped at the 20 on a BUSTER SKRINE tackle.

Kicking game - Bertolet wallows in the Myers

New kicker JASON MYERS had a faultless first game, making an extra point and a chip shot field goal.

More crucially for Myers, TAYLOR BERTOLET was not perfect as he missed an extra point. That could be enough to settle the competition. BRENT QVALE was also at fault for allowing pressure on the missed kick. Bertolet had initially made the extra point but it got moved back five yards when JONOTTHAN HARRISON false-started.

On kick-offs, Myers had touchbacks on each of his three kicks. Bertolet's only kick-off was returned from the end zone but stuffed at the 20.

On punts, LACHLAN EDWARDS' first kick was his shortest as his 45-yard punt from the goal line was returned for a touchdown. Every other kick was over 50 yards, including two 60-yarders that turned the return man around. He was probably out-kicking his coverage to some extent though, as the Giants had 95 more yards on top of the touchdown.

Edwards actually had to make the tackle on one punt return, but was blocked out of the play downfield on the touchdown.

That's it for this week's game. If you'd like us to cover anything in more detail during the week, please let us know.