In-Depth Analysis: Special teams (Week 10 - Tampa)

Special teams weren't a major factor this week. Let's review what went down:

Kicking game - On a roll

Lachlan Edwards' final numbers were actually pretty good but this was probably his worst game of the year. He shanked three kicks, but was fortunate to get a favorable bounce on each of them as they rolled for extra yardage. He also outkicked his coverage once, leading to a long return.

Long snapper Thomas Hennessy didn't help Edwards much on one punt with a high snap.

Chandler Catanzaro made a field goal to tie the game at 3-3 before halftime, at which point the game was looking like a potential repeat of the Browns game from last month. However, he didn't get a chance to add to that. He also did a pretty lousy job on his onside kick at the end of the game.

Return game - No-go Jojo

New return man Jojo Natson failed to impress in his first game, especially on one return that he fielded in the end zone and then hesitated before making the decision to run it back, eventually getting stuffed at the 10. His best kick return only saw him reach the 25, as he was brought down just as he was accelerating to top speed.

Natson was also stuffed immediately on one punt return where he looked like he might have had some room to run had Darryl Roberts not been beaten badly by the gunner.

Brent Qvale was called for a hold on Natson's first return.

Kick coverage - Them's the Brooks

The play where the Bucs made a long return is worth rewatching. Both Julian Stanford and Rontez Miles were blocked off well and gunner Terrence Brooks had the key missed tackle before Edwards saved the day near midfield.

However, if you watch Brooks - the gunner at the top of the screen - closely, you'll note that he was taken down further up the field which not only perhaps contributed to him having a bad angle for that tackle but also could have drawn a flag for a block in the back:


Brooks did make a good play in punt coverage, bringing the return man down immediately following a muff.

Other than Edwards and Brooks, debutant Rashard Robinson was the only player credited with a tackle, on a play where Jordan Jenkins almost beheaded the return man.