Injury Update: Brown and Tippmann return to practice

The first injury report of Chargers week is out:

It will be huge for the Jets if Tippmann can play this weekend, although that still begs the question of who else will start as they are another starter down on the inside. Billy Turner or Xavier Newman are contenders.

While Brown is back in practice the Jets will wait and see if he is ready to be added to the 53 in time for Monday night's game. They have three weeks to activate him and don't want to rush him into action too soon having admitted they did that for the opener.

Tomlinson appearing on the report with a hamstring injury is concerning but it's been a long time since he missed a start so hopefully that won't prevent him from playing.

The other bad news is that the Chargers virtually have a clean bill of health. Even Palmer has been playing through his knee issues for a while so that may just be a pain tolerance issue.