Jets report for camp today: Who ya got?

Our long wait is over as the Jets will report for training camp today.

Always a matter of intrigue is who will be the first player(s) to show up. Which veteran will look to make a statement about how they plan to lead by example this year? Or will a young player demonstrate how eager they are to get to work?

Let's look at the odds for who might be the first to show up.

+400 or 4/1 - Josh McCown.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick was the last player to report last year, signing his deal just minutes before the reporting deadline, McCown may be keen to establish himself as the anti-Fitz.

+500 or 5/1 - Robby Anderson.

Anderson is widely considered to be the fastest Jet so if it comes down to a footrace, he's got a good chance of being the first one across the threshold. Only Romar Morris has an offseason 40-yard dash time as low as Anderson's 4.36 seconds.

+600 or 6/1 - Jamal Adams.

We know he's in the area because he just signed his rookie deal and he's exactly the sort of leader that would show up bright and early.

+800 or 8/1 - Christian Hackenberg.

This guy has to be a contender because he's shown in the past that sometimes he'll emerge a lot earlier than most people expected.

+1,600 or 16/1 - Brian Winters.

I heard my local weatherman say "Winters just around the corner" so he has little excuse to not show up bright and early.

+3,300 or 33/1 - Sheldon Richardson.

An outside bet, but the odds shorten if he's travelling here in his bentley.

+5,000 or 50/1 - Julian Stanford/Darron Lee/Bruce Carter/Demario Davis.

Each of these probably won't get there first because they'll hesitate slightly before they leave.

+6,600 or 66/1 - Bryce Petty

Apparently he's "still a year away", so this might be a bit of a long-shot.

+10,000 or 100/1 - Nick Mangold.

Mangold has been one of the first to show up in the past and lieu of another job offer, perhaps he'll show up at the Jets complex through sheer force of habit.

+50000 or 500/1 - Quinton Patton.

Patton once had to be sent home after reporting to the 49ers too early. Is he keen enough to report to a team that already released him because of an offseason injury?

+20,000 or 200/1 - The entire team, emerging on foot over the horizon, arms linked and singing "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar.

What better way to promote team unity and an "us against them" mindset?

+100,000 or 1000/1 - Nobody

Well, if they've been reading what's been written, is there any point to bothering to show up?

Over to you. Make your picks and let's see if anyone can guess who'll be the first person to show up.