JetsFix Contest: Fill the coaching vacancies

There are currently six coaching vacancies around the NFL, so let's see who can most accurately predict who will fill each of these.

The teams that need a head coach:


Here's the contest rules:

  • There is no prize for the winner, just bragging rights;
  • You must get your entry in before the first hire is announced otherwise you are ineligible to win;
  • Your entry must be made in the comments section and must consist of the six teams listed with one coach allocated to each team;
  • If another coaching vacancy opens up, that does not count towards the competition;
  • If you name a head coach to his correct team, you get three points;
  • If your choice for head coach is hired by that team but in a different role (eg offensive coordinator) you get one point;
  • If a coach you named gets hired as a head coach, but by one of the other five teams, you get one point;
  • You get two extra bonus points if you correctly name the Jets head coach, your candidate for the Jets head coaching job in hired by the Jets in another role or the Jets hire one of the seven candidates you allocated to another team;
  • The tie-breaker is guess the date that the Jets fill their head coaching role; and
  • The contest is over when all six teams have filled their head coaching roles. In the unlikely event that a hired coach loses his job before then, those points don't count and any no bonuses are available for coordinator roles filled after that date.

Let's have your entries in the comments section...