JetsFix Mailbag 2017 #1 (Part 1)

Thanks everyone for your questions. We'll be responding to these over the next few days. If you still want to ask a question, leave it in the comments here or tweet it to @jetsfix and we'll add it in.

Remember, everybody had to ask one Jets/NFL question and one non-NFL question.

Here is part one (of three). Questions are in italics and the responses are in normal text:

BrooklynDude99If Todd Bowles leads us to one of the top picks in the draft and the Jets select a young QB, who will Maccagnan choose to develop the QB and the team going forward as the odds will be against Coach Bowles returning?

I don't know that we can rule out Bowles returning because he might have been given a free pass. However, even if he stays, Bowles is a defensive coach and I think he'd defer to the offensive coaches in terms of the process of developing that new quarterback to be the guy. Maybe current coaches like Jeremy Bates could be involved in that process. Heck, even Josh McCown could have a coaching role going forwards.

Britain must look at U.S. politics and think, well they wanted their independence. What is the general thinking among Europeans about the way U.S. politics has evolved over the last several years?

The worst thing about the US political situation right now is that it renders the average American incapable of following simple mailbag instructions.

bobWhat corner back in the NFL is going to step up and take the vacated throne that Revis left behind?

It's a great question. All the top guys like Josh Norman and Richard Sherman have never quite reached the heights Revis did in 2009-2011, so today's top cover corner will be so by default rather than through emulating Revis' brilliance. Will one of the young guys one day be as good as Revis was? Difficult to say because they all seem to have weaknesses.

So, I don't know who to pick here...unless you're talking about the world's most hilariously overpaid player crown, in which case that has already been taken by Matt Kalil.

I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. My question is. I cant figure out how that elephant got into my pajamas. You got any ideas?

I reckon it was that time you borrowed the elephant's car. You must have left your pajamas in his trunk.

FatrexJets question: given the selection of multiple "Bowles-esque" players in the draft, namely the two safeties, do you still think Bowles is the fall man this year? It doesn't make sense to me.

My working theory on this is that Bowles AND Maccagnan have been given a couple of years, partly because Woody wants to recuse himself from having to make any big decisions over the next few years while he takes on his ambassadorial duties overseas.

However, as I've said before, the reality of a three-win (or whatever) season is a lot worse than the concept so once the fan/media backlash gathers full steam, I wouldn't put it past Woody to change his mind and insist on Bowles being canned or even a full regime change after all.

Non-Jets: what are the chances we get an Ahsoka Tano cameo in the final two Star Wars movies?

It'll be awesome when Ahsoka gets her big screen moment, but I don't think they plan to go in that direction with the main saga. I had a notion that maybe they could introduce her to use as a Leia surrogate for whatever the original plans for episode IX were, but I've cooled on that idea because Ahsoka has no reason to avenge Han Solo (unless they somehow write a young Ahsoka into the Solo movie to introduce the character to a wider audience).

If we get Ahsoka in a live action movie, Ashley Eckstein has to do the voice and also they should use mo-cap because Togruta costumes don't look as good as the animated character.

SumJetsFanWhat do you suggest the Jets do if out of bad luck they win 5-6 games with McCown putting them out of range to draft a decent quarterback? (Obviously assuming that Hack won't cut it.) Also which free agent quarterback would you prefer they take a swing at next year? Next year will be interesting since quite a few of them may hit free agency

5-6 wins seems to be seen by many as the worst case scenario, while also arguably being the most probable outcome, unless the Jets get to midseason with (say) three wins and then sideline banged-up players and trade contributing veterans to ensure they don't win again.

If they do win five or six then that suggests that at least some of the young prospects on the team will have stepped up. That being the case, then perhaps the team will more be prepared to use picks to move up in the draft and get a potential franchise quarterback anyway.

I'm not altogether keen on dropping big money for an Alex Smith or Kirk Cousins type in free agency. It's better to draft and develop your quarterback because then at least you get that 3-4 year window where you don't have to pay them big money and can build a contender.

Non-Jets question: Do the teams in English premier league or Bundasliga have cap limits like NFL?

No. And that's a problem, because the biggest teams can simply buy and pay more money to the top young players. So if you're a fan of a lesser team, be prepared for your players to leave you for a "big club" as soon as they get good.

They have started introducing some sanctions for teams who leverage players away from smaller clubs but I doubt they'll introduce any kind of cap. It's more likely that American sports will become more like these European soccer league and that won't be much fun.

a57seJets question: Do you honestly think this team will win a SB in your lifetime?

I'm pessimistic about this, purely because the franchise seems so snakebitten and can't seem to get out of its own way. However, the NFL is one of those leagues where you can be a shambles for years and then suddenly a few key things fall into place and you're in with a chance.

I wonder if the Jets will win one before the NFL ceases to exist because that's a valid question too.

Non-Jets Question: Who is your favorite author?

I actually don't read a lot. I'd say Rob Newman, because he's only author who I'll actively seek out and read everything he's done.

Well, him and Roger Hargreaves, because I had all the Mr. Men books when I was a kid.

Rocky Mountain JetIf McCown wins the starting QB job and gets off to a hot start in the regular season, i.e. playing well and Jets starting out 3-1 or 4-0.... what do we do with the young QBs?

Wait another week or two until the inevitable McCown injury?

Non Jets Question: What kind of bear is best?

According to one long-time Bears observer, Bear 420 from the Alaska Falls cam is a very good bear.

However, I like this little guy:

Bonus Question: Since you tend to answer "Yes" to any "or" question, how did this affect you when you were in school? Are logic puzzles particularly difficult for you?

I didn't do that back in school. Ironically, I think the first time I did it was in one of these mailbags when someone's non-NFL question was "Is this thing on my ass a boil or a wart?"

It caused a bit of chaos that time I was selected as foreman of the jury for a murder trial. "Do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?"