JetsFix Mailbag 2020 - Part One

It's time for the 2020 JetsFix Mailbag, which will run in three parts over the next week or so. Remember, the idea is for everyone to ask one Jets/NFL question and one non-NFL question, a rule which many of you failed to adhere to. Here's part one:

Lou Piccone: Which of the two Jacksonville games, or both of them will you go to the Stadium and watch? (football question)

The only London game I've been to so far was when the Jets played and that was because I got media credentials so I didn't have to buy a ticket. I have no desire to go to any of these games and would probably turn down a free ticket if it wasn't the Jets playing because the atmosphere sucks and everyone gets bored once the novelty wears off, which is usually before half-time.

Also, I'll probably be busy watching the Jets so I can put excellent content up on JetsFix for you guys to ignore.

What game have the jets been playing since 1968? (non football question)

Strictly speaking the Jets have won one Super Bowl since 1968 but none prior to that. Their only Super Bowl win came on January 12th, 1969.

Sacks are Friends, Not Food: Jets - are the instances/issues regarding Quincy Enunwa, Luke Falk, Osemele, and ultimately Jamal Adams with respect to Joe Douglas overblown (more of a Gase problem) or is this a bad look for Douglas? Explain your rationale or you will receive 0 points and therefore no credit.

Most of this is probably on ownership. The pattern seems to be that the organization is reluctant to pay players when they believe they have a case not to do so.

I don't necessarily like it, because you'd like the team to have a reputation for looking after its players. Otherwise you can end up with a situation where free agents are turned off from wanting to come here. However, at the same time, you don't want to be a soft touch where a player can withdraw himself from action to help his future career, knowing that he can still expect to be paid by you to do so.

It's a delicate balance though, one which typically topples over once the media gets involved and makes the team look as bad as possible.

Non-Jets - have you watched the Witcher and how do you feel about it? Explain your rationale or you will receive 0 points and therefore no credit.

I have not and I haven't played the game either, although maybe I can be persuaded to watch some cutscenes in the bath. A friend has been trying to get me to watch the show but she has Netflix, and I don't.

SumJetsFan: Where do you see Q Williams headed this year? What do you think he needs to do justify his 3 overall selection and make the media shut up?

I'd expect more from him, although he already does a good job of limiting negative plays. Once he got over his ankle injury, he was making a couple of impressive plays to beat blocks each game. We will hopefully see more of that from him as he starts to trust his technique.

In 2019, he looked consistently strong, but not always explosive. Maybe his ankle was a factor in that, so he needs to stay healthy.

As for how the media decides to evaluate defensive linemen, that may have more to do with who your agent is than anything you actually achieve on the field, but the noise should quieten if the Jets start winning.

If you had to take a space trip (cost free, think of it as a gift from us) what would be your destination?

Unless I can go to a fictional destination, I'm not sure any of it appeals to me. It's kinda cold and lonely everywhere.

Can I just keep the money and say I went?

a57se: How confident are you that Sam can overcome his footwork and accuracy issues and become the stud QB we all want him to be?

Darnold clearly isn't the stud quarterback we all want him to be yet, but I think the main issues are more in his head than in terms of his mechanics.

I don't know how confident I am that he'll definitely overcome his issues, but he has more talent than the recent young quarterbacks we've had and a better work ethic.

He'll be working on his mechanics during the offseason, but also watching a ton of film. And I think the latter is what will benefit him the most.

How can two people rebuild a completely ripped apart gunship like the Razor Crest in a couple days and would you have trusted that bucket to fly safely in space afterwards???

Assuming you're talking about on Arlava-7, that wasn't two people, it was one person and one ugnaught. And ugnaughts have long been established as hard-working, industrious and good at fixing stuff.

Also the ship wouldn't have been "ripped apart". While the Jawas scavenged the ship for parts, they'd have done so carefully in order to make those parts salable. So, once they got the parts back by trading the egg, it was merely a matter of replacing them.

As for trusting the repaired ship to fly safely, sometimes when you don't have any other choices, the garbage will do.

karl hungus: Do you think there is a chance the jets trade Adams this offseason

There's always a chance. Contract negotiations could fall apart and he could leverage his way out through the media and with plenty of teams willing to pay a good price for him. However, I genuinely believe their current intention is to extend him and build around him.

You can remove one owner/ownership group from the ny sports teams....which one and why?

As a Mets/Jets fan, you'd think I'd go for the Wilpons or the Johnsons but I can't help but feel sympathy for the Knicks' plight. Get James Dolan and his terrible decision making, terrible music and terrible attitude towards his own fans out of the door! Adding one more big market contender to the NBA might even make the league more interesting in this talent-congealing era.

I guess that also benefits the Rangers too!

Dr. Jon D. Reefer: What is your honest assessment of Sam Darnold?

He's alright. Needs to be better though.

I'd feel better about him if he could eradicate some of those bad throws that end up being interceptable. It's probably a good sign that he usually has a pretty decent statline even when he is less than great. However, he's yet to have a signature performance with monster numbers.

1 to 10 how adorable is baby yoda?

9, but not 10 because he almost killed Kenobi.

A devastating heel turn would break the internet. I'm semi-rooting for that in season two.

juunit: Did the Jets bring in Adam Gase because he is known for an offense that features short passes while the weakness in Sam Darnold's game has been deep passes, seemingly making them an ideal fit? Or is this just a coincidence?


However, even if we take both of those things to be true, it's also true that Darnold's ability to go "off-script" and make plays on the move is essentially wasted if the Jets run a Peyton Manning-style offense where most of the decision-making process is determined before the ball is snapped.

There's plenty of scope for long passes within the offense as presently constituted, as Kenny Stills' success as a downfield threat in Miami showed. However, the Jets need to do at least three things better. One, Darnold needs better timing and accuracy. Two, Robby Anderson (or whoever the primary deep threat is next year) needs to also be used underneath and not just on go routes. And, three, stop throwing so many of them to guys who can't get deep separation - Demaryius Thomas and Vyncint Smith, for example.

If you could be a character from a Disney animation movie, which one would you be and why?

My niece made me do one of those tests where you point a phone at your face and it tells you which Disney character you are and I was Mufasa from the Lion King.

Assuming I can't pick a Star Wars character (or Q*Bert, because he's got a cameo role in "Wreck-It Ralph"), I would ideally like to choose an underrated character like Flounder or Lady Kluck.

However, I actually really like Pascal, the chameleon from "Tangled", even though I've never actually seen that all the way through. He embodies qualities of loyalty and greenness that remind me of myself, so that's my pick.

Brendan: Jets: Maye had a very nice rebound season, do you think he's in the team's future plans and will be Jamal's safety tandem partner for the long haul?

The Maye situation is worrying, especially in light of Adams' recent comments that Maye is one of the league's best safeties. Are the Jets really going to be prepared to spend upwards of $25 million per year for their two starting safeties? That's over a quarter of your defensive budget on two guys.

He's obviously good though and the team is definitely better when he's in there. Let's hope last year was the outlier and that he'll mostly be healthy from now on.

I think Maye and Adams relish being partners back there, so hopefully this will compel Maye to want to agree terms.

Not Jets: If you had to choose to be flatmates with Harry Kane or Tom Brady, who would you pick and why?

If I was Harry Kane's flatmate, it would admittedly get frustrating having to pick up the garbage from around the trash can and the fact he'd constantly pee all over the toilet seat.

He's not a complete asshole though, so I pick him.

Still to come: Wedding controversies, a new Star Wars movie pitch, Breaking Bad and even some Jets stuff! Part two will be up within the next few days...