JetsFix Mailbag 2020 - Part Two

It's time for the 2020 JetsFix Mailbag, which is running in three parts this week. Remember, the idea was for everyone to ask one Jets/NFL question and one non-NFL question, a rule which many of you failed to adhere to. Here's part two:

Joe Willie: Since Gase is an "offensive genius" why did the SB coaches not copy him by running up the middle for no gain on 1st and 2nd down, then call a 4 yard pass on 3rd and 10?

Well...Raheem Mostert's touchdown did come on a first down run up the middle and Damien Williams' first touchdown came on a third down dump-off pass.

Sometimes when you've got a decent offensive line or playmakers at the skill positions, those kind of plays can work.

Adam Gase doesn't have that though so, yeah, dumb calls on his part.

Do you think the Mandalorian has two helmets and keeps one in some sort of cleaning pod while wearing the other?

I don't think so because Beskar steel had become so scarce at the time of the Mandalorian, I think a spare helmet would have have been reforged into something more useful.

It would be funny to see him get out of some kind of a scrape by leaving the armor propped up against a wall and then sneaking up behind the bad guys in his underwear though.

Meet the Mets 83: Jets question: Do you still see Chris Herndon as the long-term answer at TE, as he appeared to be in 2018, or should the Jets hedge their bets and seek a TE in the draft?

I don't think they'll draft one with Ryan Griffin under contract and the hope that Trevon Wesco will develop in his second season. Herndon is obviously good and Sam Darnold clearly missed him last year, but there will obviously be a durability question after last season.

Hopefully this will end up like the Marcus Maye situation and Herndon will have missed time in his second season but will establish himself as someone you can rely on in year three.

They have bigger needs to worry about than tight end so will have little choice other than to count on Herndon stepping up.

Non-football question: If you've ever watched Breaking Bad, do you feel there is any way Walt White's train robbery could have worked in real life?

Any heist situation involves a little suspension of belief and arguably this one didn't really go to plan because Landry from Friday Night Lights had to shoot that kid on the bike. Really, for me though, the most implausible part was when Jesse had to screw and unscrew all those fiddly bolts and covers under extreme pressure and somehow manages to do that in just a matter of seconds so he can jump from the train in time. Nobody - other than some kind of elite cup stacker - could've done that, let alone a former meth addict.

doyoudoodoo Question 1: Who wins in a staring contest, Adam Gase or Jamal Adams?

This depends entirely on the rules. Gase would do well if it's just who blinks first, although we shouldn't underestimate Jamal's competitiveness. If you are disqualified for looking away from your opponent, Gase would lose almost immediately.

Question 2: PG Tips or Yorkshire?

No, thanks.

robbynthehood: Is Shell done as a Jet -- how did this happen?

He may well be. Prior to the season, he had a chance to establish himself as a solid three-year starter the going rate for which is usually a salary upwards of $10 million per season. However, he was benched early in the year as the reputation of everyone on that line took a dramatic hit.

As it turned out, Shell did still end up starting 11 games due to injuries and was pretty solid. However, the stigma attached to being on the Jets offensive line which everyone has collectively decided needs wholesale changes might have tamped his reputation down enough that there won't be a market for him. If a Ben Ijalana can get $6 million a year even though he only had one year as a starter and it was about the same as all three of Shell's, then the same kind of deal would probably be good value for Shell, even if he's just a swing tackle off the bench.

And do you think if Iowa switches to a regular primary instead of a caucus they'll attempt to accommodate New Hampshire's law that they must be the first primary in the nation?

This looks decidedly like a politics question which is expressly forbidden so I cannot answer. I feel like C3PO right before they go to Kijimi.

Disgruntled Jets Fan: Jets: What was Gase's most creative play design/call of the season?

Probably that end-around to Vyncint Smith that got them a touchdown in one game and down to the goal line in another. However, the fact that he reused it kind of ruins the effect of its uniqueness.

Non-Jets: the entire JF roster attends a wedding. What controversies make the news?

  • 68 causes a stir when he turns up wearing a "Romphim"
  • Everyone ignores the best man's speech and skips straight to the comments section
  • After the best man's speech gets no reaction, 68 says "this" and gets a rapturous round of applause
  • Only men turn up until an uninvited Dante appears with a veritable bevy of women and a wedding cake that has multiple tiers
  • BDarc gets kicked out for saying something outrageous about Dan Marino
  • Juunit oversleeps and misses the whole thing
  • Bent interrupts the part of the ceremony where the vicar reads out the full names of the bride and groom to say "Hell kind of a name is [whatever the name was]?"
  • Brendan refuses to #payup for his share of the bachelor party costs
  • Bent delays the ceremony by misinterpreting "speak now or forever hold your peace" as a question and injecting "yes"
  • There's a three-hour argument over whether or not the person who caught the bouquet completed the catch when going to ground.

Rocky Mountain Jet: What can Gase do this offseason to restore fan confidence in him?

Nothing. That won't happen until the season starts and they (hopefully) start winning games.

Rapid Fire Questions (Answer as many or as few as you would like): Which user has your favorite avatar? // How many cups of tea do you drink daily? // How long is your typical work day (of not doing JF related things)? // Do you only work around analogue clocks, or also digital and smart ones? // What are your top 3 movies of all time? // What is an underrated local meal that you think Americans need to try?

Rapid Fire Answers (Attribute to whichever question you would like):

  • Full English Breakfast
  • 25 hours
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Naked Gun and Toothybackmonster II: The Rise of Critical Airway Bloodclotgroot
  • None
  • Definitely not smart
  • bob

BenNevis: what's the likelihood that Robby is a Jet in the coming season?

I think the Jets are prepared to offer him a lot of money but could definitely see a team like the Raiders or Cowboys outbidding them.

what's the over/under on the number of players for whom you'll do a write-up this year, who will then not play for the Jets?

I aim to cover every player that signs so that automatically means there's 30-40 guys on the 90 who won't make the opening day roster or practice squad, or perhaps more if there are a lot of releases during training camp. Some of those will be players who have played for the team in the past or may re-join them at some point in the future though.

I'm going to set the over/under at 22.5. I just hope there's no players I write a scouting report for that get released before it goes live.

R in CT: Which Jets player is flying under the radar now but you expect may have a big impact on the field this upcoming season?

While you'd like to see a young guy like a Vyncint Smith, Trenton Cannon or Blake Cashman step up, I think the player nobody is talking about who will have the biggest impact next year is CJ Mosley.

If he doesn't he's going to end up going down as one of the worst free agent signings in franchise history.

If you were stranded on an island and were forced to eat one of the Jetsfix regular commenters (dietary issues aside), who would it be?

When English people get peckish, they like to go for an Indian so I guess it could be Sunset or SJF. Alternatively, I could go back to several years ago and have some unseasoned JetsChick.

I'll dig deep for my overall choice though and select that guy who used to post here whose username was something like "Meatball Parm Sandwich" and his avatar was a Meatball Sub. I'll eat him.

Still to come: Donuts, dong sizes and more Star Wars...and maybe also some Jets stuff. Part three will follow within the next few days