Keep or Dump? - Josh Doctson

In between now and the start of the new league year, we've been looking at each of the Jets' pending free agents to decide whether or not the Jets should bring them back. We are now looking at a trio of players who would have been pending free agents beginning today with wide receiver Josh Doctson.

Doctson was a bit of a reclamation project, but the Jets were hoping the first round pick could compete for a role and produce for them in 2020. However, he decided to opt out of the season, so he remains under contract for 2021.

Doctson always seemed like a low-risk, high-reward addition and there's little to lose by giving him the same chance a year later than previously intended. What do you think? Please respond to the following poll and expand on your vote in the comments.

Should the Jets bring back Josh Doctson?
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