Keep or Dump? - Vyncint Smith

In between now and the start of the new league year, we're going to look at each of the Jets' pending free agents to decide whether or not the Jets should bring them back. We are now reviewing the restricted free agents, continuing with wide receiver Vyncint Smith.

Smith contributed well in 2019 with 17 catches and some good special teams contributions but began 2020 on the injured list and ultimately didn't make much of an impact with just one catch.

The Jets - and Brant Boyer in particular - seemed to have soured on Smith towards the end of the season as he was often a healthy scratch. What do you think? Please respond to the following poll and expand on your vote in the comments.

What should the Jets do with RFA Vyncint Smith?
First round tender ($4.8m)
Second round tender ($3.4m)
Right of first refusal tender ($2.1m)
Re-sign to a lower deal
I don't care

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