Link: "When Hackenberg misses...he really misses"

Connor Hughes from has been playing close attention to Christian Hackenberg at OTA's. There's some good signs from Hackenberg, but Hughes says that despite his improvement, he "still doesn't look good":

"When Hackenberg misses... he really misses. He threw just two interceptions in team drills, but nearly tossed six others. And I'm not talking about a receiver falling down. I'm saying the defender just dropped the ball. Other times, the wideout/running back/tight end was wide open, and Hackenberg sailed it over his head or bounced it to him. That can't happen. In the three media-open OTAs, Hackenberg hit reporters with passes twice."

Hughes does finish up with an even-handedly optimistic conclusion about Hackenberg's progress, but this assessment suggests we should be tempering our enthusiasm about how close he might be to being ready to contribute.