Link: "It’s a great year to have an early pick and not need a quarterback"

Via Yahoo Sports, here's an article that gives some interesting insights into how teams view the top quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft, in light of the inconsistent quarterback play in the NCAA this season.

It's worth reading in full but here's some highlights with insights from NFL executives and scouting personnel:

  • Number one is up for grabs and could come down to who is the most impressive quarterback at the combine;
  • There's every chance Sam Darnold will stay in school but Josh Rosen is expected to come out;
  • Teams apparently haven't cooled at all on Josh Allen - who is definitely expected to come out - and some believe he could still be the first player selected;
  • Scouts are divided on Lamar Jackson, who might not even get selected on day two at this rate; and
  • Nobody's stock has risen more than Baker Mayfield, while Luke Falk's stock seems to have fallen.

Be sure to check out the full article, which also goes into detail about the standing of some other prospects and names a couple more sleepers to watch.