Link: Smart and smarter

Yesterday, we shared a link from where they chronicled the "10 dumbest things the Jets have ever done". The list was perhaps a tad flawed and had some obvious omissions, but provided a fun offseason downtime diversion and a trip down memory lane.

Today, they've listed the 10 "smartest" things the Jets have done, so it only seems fair to share that article too.

Again this list strikes me more as a compilation of random personnel moves that, with hindsight, we know panned out successfully. A lot of them were no-brainers or successes that happened in spite of their plans rather than because of them.

A case in point is the Vinny Testaverde signing. Testaverde wasn't signed to start and began the 1998 season as a back-up to Glenn Foley. When Foley got hurt, Testaverde played well, but when Foley returned, Testaverde initially ended up back on the bench; a clear sign that having Testaverde ultimately leading them to the AFC title game was not the result of smart planning.

The list also praises them for their 2000 draft when actually that draft could have been even better considering they had four first round picks. You have to consider whether landing in that position by getting two extra picks for Keyshawn Johnson was smart, especially when Johnson won a Super Bowl two years later.

Also, did they "smartly discover" Wayne Chrebet? Not really, they just had such a weak collection of receivers that he was able to make enough of an impression to get reps and make the team. That was a surprise to everyone, as was his resulting success.

I feel like the author here could have dug a little deeper to find some truly smart decisions like locking up players to long term deals at the right time (Jerricho Cotchery, Nick Mangold) or letting guys go at the right time rather than giving them big money (John Abraham, Herm Edwards). Putting a lid on media leaks and trying to put the "circus" reputation behind them after Rex Ryan left were also smart.

Yes, getting Curtis Martin was smart, but the real genius displayed there was in the nature of how they got him, by including a creative clause in his contract that made the Patriots unable to match their offer sheet.

Cutting Jarvis Jenkins in the middle of last season to secure a compensatory pick which they later used to trade down for three more picks was certainly an example of a recent smart move. However, if they'd known they were going to extend Muhammad Wilkerson then Jenkins would probably never have been signed in the first place, so this really just rectified a previous error.

It certainly seems more difficult to put together a compelling list of smart things the team has done. However, hopefully some of the recent moves this team has made will be looked back on as smart in the coming years.